Save & Splurge

Allan Murin, phone jockey, local celebrity person, enjoys trivia, music-oh, and porn

How do you save money?


Allan Murin

"I save money by not going to bars and not joining porn websites, although the temptation is great. Not going to strip clubs anymore also saves me some money. I drink bottles of Bud and get cheap drinks at the Bottleneck. Oh, and I don't cut my hair anymore. I haven't had a haircut in two years, so I've saved money there. I buy my hair dye for $3 a pop at Dillons. I make my girlfriend buy all of the food. I do attempt to buy things at garage sales-I bought a sweet CD for a dollar. Garage sale-ing is a good way to save money. Half Price Books is a good deal when I read, which I don't do very much. Allan's not a reader."

What do you splurge on?

"Titties and beer!"


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