Save & Splurge

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jamie Benvenutti, student of behavior science, guitar, trivia and karaoke

How do you save money?

"Eat only peanut butter sandwiches, sometimes with honey. Buy in bulk at Checkers. Eat free lunches at Ecumenical Christian Ministries. Bum food from friends-have them throw dinner parties. I buy most of my clothes at Arizona Trading Company or Wild Man Vintage, although I also splurge there. There are so many cool things to get there. When you buy 15 things, that can quickly get to $100. And I don't go out drinking very much, unless somebody else is buying. Even then, one or two drinks is my max, because more than that I can't walk. I don't have a vehicle, which is another 'save.' Now you can use a KU ID to ride any bus in the city for free."


Jamie Benvenutti

What do you splurge on?

"I take friends out for nice meals, like at Pachamama's or places of that caliber. And travel-I just got back from Italy. It was expensive since the conversion is almost $2 to the euro. You can't think of the conversion rate for too long because it just gets depressing. Although we managed to find one euro bottles of wine. That's actually cheaper than water. A major splurge was gelato, which we had to have every day. You can't escape it over there. Cab rides were expensive, too. But you had to use them or else you'd get molested walking home."