Save & Splurge: Cassy Ainsworth


Cassy Ainsworth

Cassy Ainsworth, small business owner, minimalist, bliss lover, and friend

How do you save money?

"I try to save money by focusing my spending to specific areas of needs, not wants.  It’s not really that hard for me.  I really don’t buy that many things.  I hate to shop so I really only buy the necessities.  It really comes down to it being an excuse to not have to shop.  Although, I must say that my collection of top hats, capes, and clown shoes has really suffered."

How do you splurge? 

"When I do spend money it is almost always on having a good time.  As I stated, I really don’t like to shop so I rarely spend a lot of money on tangible objects.  I usually go to concerts, on trips, or out with friends."


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