Save & Splurge: Emily Rose Patrick


Emily Rose Patrick

Emily Rose Patrick, student, server, swimmer, knitter, general fun thing doer

How do you save money?

I live somewhere where the rent is crazy cheap. No bills, no anything—of course, it helps if you’re related to the owners of the property. My aunt and uncle own it. I’m also really into auctions. My whole bed set, my dresser, and my side tables are all antiques that I bought at auction for super cheap. I mainly find out about them through my grandmother—a wonderful lady—but they’re also listed in the newspaper. They’re in the classifieds and they list the ten greatest things that are going to be at the auction, like cars and houses. They throw everything that they don’t sell into a big dollar pile at the end. That’s how I got my Swiffer. The coolest thing I got at an auction was an antique, glass-etched martini shaker for $2. I investigated a little bit and it’s probably worth $75. The other thing I do to save money is hang out at work and get cheap food and drinks. I don’t go out very much, but when I do I go to where I get discounts.

How do you splurge?

I plan to buy a house and a cat. I have some savings and the time to buy a house is now. Things are cheap and it’s a buyers market. My advice to people in the market is to stay out of the market—that house is mine! Something to remember is that first time home owners get a huge tax rebate and the city gives out endless grants for home improvements. I actually subscribe to the stimulating-the-economy theory, where I just spend money to encourage a resurgence in the economy.


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