Save & Splurge

Lauren McCoy, Buffalo Wild Woman, English student

How do you save money?

"I save money by putting my paychecks in my savings account, and only spending the cash that I make as a server through tips. Lately I've not been eating out. I went through the newspaper the other day at my dad's house and pulled out a couple of coupons I thought I might actually use, then forgot them at his house. He lives in Kansas City. I'm kind of screwed on that one."

How do you splurge?


"I go out and drink a lot. I have a class at 8 in the morning tomorrow, and what am I doing? I'm at the bar at 1 in the morning. I really like Henry's and the Sandbar. I also go to Harbour Lights a lot. I'm a beer girl, and I come by it honestly because my whole family drinks beer. I am a really big fan of Boulevard Pale Ale. I love Free State, too. Oh, and I blow my money on cigarettes. What can I say? I'm a college student and I've got nothing else to spend my money on."


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