Stories for January 2008


Thursday, January 31

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Souper Bowl benefit set for Saturday

Souper Bowl Saturday is here again, ready to make a fun game of soup, ceramics and fundraising. The decades-old Lawrence Arts Center fundraiser gives the community a chance to snap up bowls crafted by potters, as well as enjoy piping hot soup and art-friendly atmosphere.

Wednesday, January 30

Review Roundup 1-30

We take a look at the games of late January

Monday, January 28

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Wiener Take All

New Franklin Panthers declare "Hot Dogs Are Cool"

Other than 18 years and hundreds of Paw shows, there ain't a whole lot separating the musical persuasions of Grant Fitch and Jason Jones. The duo that now composes Lawrence's New Franklin Panthers met while working at Mass. Street Music and quickly hammered out a malleable setlist of instrumental power-rock

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Immeresting Art

Jeff Immer's adventuresome foray into the concert poster biz

Attention, reader. A little advice to heed: Put down this paper, go to the bank, finagle a loan, buy a camera, and start a stock photography business. Call it "Diverse Fun." People like Jeff Immer would go to and pay for your pictures. It would be easy, and you'd get rich.

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Lights, Camera, Upload

High school filmmakers go from online to onscreen at En Fuego Film Festival

Kids film the darndest things. Like a disturbing hallucinatory journey through mucous and madness called "Influenza." Or a one-man band rendition of Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight" featuring wicked keyboard solos and rudimentary stick figure animation. And even "B for Banana," a '70s cop show parody replete with fake mustaches and serial fruitings.

6News video: Sebelius' son behind controversial board game

Governor Kathleen Sebelius' son is behind a controversial board game that's only being sold in Kansas.

Style Scout: Sheri Martin

Style Scout: John Sebelius

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Shoots & Daggers

The governor's son, in the mansion, with a prison-themed board game

The big truck pulled up to the governor's mansion on a frigid morning two days after Christmas. In 600 boxes from China, John Sebelius' vision had arrived. The driver climbed into the back of the truck and a crew of friends Sebelius had solicited lined up and hauled the boxes to the cleared-out two-car garage. Fifteen minutes later the truck was gone, leaving the garage packed with a mountain of boxes-3,000 board games into which the 23-year-old governor's son had sunk $45,000 of borrowed money and a considerable stock of his future.

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:special, limited-time-only, quotations quotations quotations edition

"I want somebody to tell me, answer if you can / I want somebody to tell me, what is the soul of a man?" -Blind Willie Johnson

Sunday, January 27

Winning writers discover voices later in life

Sometimes, writing is an escape, a way to get away from the things that pay the bills. That's the case for this year's winners of the Langston Hughes Literary Awards: John Mark Connolly in fiction writing and Stephen Bunch in poetry.

Saturday, January 26

Review - 'La Traviata' thrives in small space

KU Opera opened its production of the perennial favorite, "La Traviata," in the Baustian Theatre in Murphy Hall Thursday night. Directed by Tim Ocel with music direction by Mark Ferrell, this opera showcases a cast of fine singers and actors in one of Verdi's most popular operas.

Friday, January 25

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Timber & timbre

Wood and sound collide within KU professor's artistic collaboration

As a sculptor specializing in wood, Matthew Burke is accustomed to the solitary aspects of creativity. But when crafting a new piece titled "A Walk Among Beasts," he formed an unexpected alliance in the university residency space where he set up shop. "When I was drilling the holes for 'Walk,' I was using a chisel," Burke recalls. "The maintenance man who was cleaning up comes in and says, 'Why don't you use a router?'

Monday, January 21

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Aces Wired

Young Kansans rake in real money playing online poker

Click. Cole Robinson has just entered a third game. In heads-up no-limit Texas hold 'em online poker, where a card or a bet comes every few seconds, three games at once is about all Robinson can handle when he's feeling sharp. And today he isn't. "Too much caffeine," he says distractedly over a drone of rapid-fire mouse clicks. "And I kind of need to eat something."

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Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

This August, Lawrence's E.M.U. Theatre will celebrate10 years of broke-ass independent productions that somehow manage a consistent quotient of awesomeness. Such undertakings rely on the tenacious dedication of the E.M.U. crew, the support of the community and places like Ecumenical Christian Ministries, which has hosted countless community events throughout the years.

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Surfin' E.U.D.O.R.A.

Hang Ten with America's Most Landlocked Surf Band

Though they claim no direct lineage to their eastward municipal namesake, The Eudoras do own one of Lawrence's most distinctive honors: being the first band to play at the Replay Lounge. Of course, given the cock-and-bull yarns typically spun by Kory Willis and Jon Harrison, that could be a load of cockamamie.


:gone green edition!!!

Free band name suggestions: Brick Sonic View, Enter the Cruzer, Indelible Swine, Project Project, Gangrene Vixen, Blister Kiss, This Band Is Seriously F*cking Scary, Audacity of the Romans, Avarice & Lotta Gall, Dirty Fink, Dildo Fever, Vile Vagabondz:

Style Scout: Tyler Baker

Style Scout: Alison Ryan

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Beyond Puppet Dome

Stuffing flies as foul-mouthed troupes engage in "Puppet Wars"

This town just ain't big enough for two packs of puppets. To prove the point, The Felt Show and the Shitty Deal Puppet Theater will settle their raging Tourrette's turf war in mortal combat. What began as innocent smack talk in's comments space soon escalated into full-on puppecidal mania.

Friday, January 18

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Break a leg

Show goes on despite cast member being stuck in cast

Catie Provost has heard all the jokes. She's an actress. She broke her leg. No, she didn't take the age-old stage advice literally, at least not on purpose. It happened Dec. 19. Provost heard a neighbor in the apartment below her screaming for help. She called the police and ran down the stairs, horrified. She tripped, and the outside bone on her left foot snapped in two.

Provocative "There Will Be Blood" the Best Movie of the Year

From "Citizen Kane" to "Wall Street," cinema has been a fantastic forum for examining the frayed edges of unchecked ambition and greed. The latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson follows single-minded oilman Daniel Plainview to show us the dark side to this particular American dream-not knowing when to give it a rest.

Wednesday, January 16

Double Review: Contra 4 (DS) and Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)

We take a look at two remarkably similar portable titles from Konami.

Monday, January 14

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Queer Social

Gay, out, and in the greek system

Yes, Jordan Williams says, he hears locker room talk. Sex talk, that chick's so hot, that dude's so gay, yes, yes, he hears it. He's in a fraternity. "Wow, Matthew McConaughey's really attractive," he might chime in. And then he says what happens: "The room goes silent."

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A Bandit Returns

Bandit Teeth Gets New Life After Seven Years Apart

Lawrence sometimes feels like a revolving door, with both students churning in and out and a steady stream of "townies" who've made up their mind to finally get the heck out of this damn town. Brad Shanks took his leave seven years ago, effectively disbanding Bandit Teeth, which he had formed with friends Charley Downey and Cobi Newton.

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Bleeding Heartland

Author Sara Paretsky conjures up Lawrence's violent past-and divided present-with "Bleeding Kansas"

Witches, war, and a cow of the Apocalypse-examining the socio-political geography of Kansas has never been so freaky. Although it's called "Bleeding Kansas," Sara Paretsky's novel is about as far removed from a dusty examination of the Free state's well-trod history as the title might imply.

Style Scout: Lindsay Mayer

Style Scout: Mark Swanson

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Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that not all people are bastards

Sheena Shippee was taking a women's history class at KU in spring 2005. The professor gave the class two options: write an in-depth research paper or sign up for service learning in the community.


...hang up and try again edition

Man-sized ice chunks drifted down the Kaw River toward Bowersock Dam. It was a tranquil sight: :A blue sticky note stuck to a parking meter on the 600 block of Vermont Street warned: "This meter ate my money":

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Keepsakes & Reminders

Natalie Anne Dye's modern tintypes

Sunday night, the newly painted walls of the Bourgeois Pig opened to the smallest of art exhibits: tiny, locket-sized photographs by Natalie Anne Dye. The images, framed in small, recycled tins, are of clouds, trees, utility lines, architectural details, snow-what Dye calls "accumulated fragments of dream moments, ambiguous casual magic, and hushed narratives."

Wednesday, January 9

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Review Roundup 1-9

We take a look at the games of late 2007/early 2008.

KPR seeks young musicians for national radio broadcast

"From the Top," the hit radio program that showcases top-notch musicianship, offbeat humor and insights from the United States' best young classical musicians, is auditioning young artists from across the country, particularly looking for local musicians to appear on the program being recorded July 15 at Kansas University's Lied Center.

Tuesday, January 8

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Generation Axe

Shred with the World's Best on Guitar Hero III ...right here in Kansas

It's 9:30 on a cold Saturday morning and no one is answering the door. I've traveled an hour to Lee's Summit, to this cul-de-sac of new adobe-style townhomes, to knock on this door, the door of the region's Guitar Hero legends. Another knock. No one answers. Drew Gutierrez and Marques Watson aren't just the best Guitar Hero III duo within an hour of Lawrence. They are ranked, as of this writing, No. 1 in the world on 'Hard' on Xbox Live.

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Ghosty's Got the 'Answers'

Longtime Lawrence musicians find everything they need is here

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since the members of Ghosty-one of Lawrence's most beloved homegrown bands-packed up, going to Kansas City. This fivesome is still deeply connected to Lawrence, however, and for the release of their new album we will be treated to two shows in a week-and this from a band that spreads out appearance judiciously.

Monday, January 7

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:have the terrorists won edition, vol. 1

:on New Year's Day, on the upper deck of a double-decker Megabus traveling from St. Louis to Kansas City, a full bottle of red Powerade rolled for several minutes across the center aisle until stopping on a woman's foot, forcing her to kick it several times, after which it would consistently roll back. Eventually she allowed the bottle to rest against her foot for several minutes before it rolled away. Later a man took hold of the mischievous bottle and asked if anyone would claim it. No one did:

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Saturday, January 5

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Daily Compositions

Liz Gardner's New Year's resolution

Liz Gardner's Ground Rules, c. 2007:1. There are no mistakes in art.2. It is just one day. There are hundreds more to come.3. If you have an idea, run with it. Don't worry about how it will come across.4. Do not invest a lot of money in materials. First and foremost use what you see around you. 5. Don't stop at 3, 6, or even 8 months. Finish out the year!