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"I want somebody to tell me, answer if you can / I want somebody to tell me, what is the soul of a man?"

-Blind Willie Johnson

"Attention DECA Students Anyone interested in Participating at State DECA Competition in Overland Park needs to see Mr. Crawford in Room 129 by January 29th to sign up for your individual or team competitive event."

-Lawrence High School website

"Well, I spend most of my time at Smith Hall... you know, the one right across from the Union. I guess I'm a pretty big sci-fi fan but I try not to talk about it too much. I've worked at a cement and concrete lab for the last 5 years so I probably talk about that too much too. I'm a big fan of frisbee golf and I like to get out and play whenever I get a chance."

-About Me on KU senior Pat Barger's Facebook profile

"Do they clone the pickles, too?"

-University Daily Kansan headline, Jan. 25

"Shouts of 'Banana! Strawberries!' and whatever other produce item the cart passed, competed with the sounds of a slow, downbeat Patsy Cline song that played over the store's intercom."

-Lawrence Journal-World, from a Jan. 25 story

"This original dish, seasoned with fresh lime zest and cumin and tossed in a roasted poblano pepper and toasted pine nut puree, is a deliciously irresistible main attraction that is enlivened by the piquancy of Tabasco green pepper sauce."

-McIlhenny Company press release

"While it may not be easy to find the secret recipe for love, making the Super Fruits Potion for your sweetheart is a cinch."

-Welch's press release

"Unquestionably. I think in very few years that would lead to a very basic breakthrough:there's never been any real research. Well, there was a project in St. Louis, Missouri, where they took color pictures of people having sexual intercourse-from 18 to 80-which I presume that nobody can see unless they're researchers, or something of the sort. They found out very little as far as I can make out."

-William S. Burroughs, answering a question about something


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