Save & Splurge

Betsy Hatch caterer, accounting student, clothier, painter

How do you save money?

"Well, I'll tell you-I make grilled cheese. I also make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don't grill the PB&J;, but I do toast the bread because I like it when the peanut butter melts just a little bit. Using only one slice of bread for your sandwich by folding it in half also saves you money-it makes your bread last longer. I also sell clothes to the Arizona Trading Company, and that puts money in the bank."


What do you splurge on?

"On clothing and travel. Splurging when you travel is good because you're going to a new place and want to experience all of it. That's definitely a time to splurge. I went to Mexico not that long ago, and I'm going to Spain and France soon, where I plan to splurge a lot. I hope to buy items that you can't get here, such as handmade things. The food will also be very different. I want to eat a lot of fish. When I go out to the clubs, I'm sure I'll splurge on covers that are probably a lot more expensive than what I'm used to here."


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