Save & Splurge

Steph Mott, sits upon both the KU Center for Sustainability and the Committee of the Loaf boards, sips upon IPA

How do you save money?

"Eating at friends' houses and loaf offs. Sometimes I'll roll up bread at Montana Mike's and put it in my pockets-my grandma taught me that one. Also, I'll sometimes bring my own beer to the bar. Beer bag! I've made these coozies that are like a figure 8 so the bottles don't clank together. You can use it at bars, movie theaters-anywhere. If you get caught, they don't like it, though. My other way of saving is to take out as many loans as I possibly can, use all the money, then move somewhere where they can't find me. Maybe Brazil-my husband and I will live in the jungle, on a houseboat with a brewery."


What do you splurge on?

"Things I spend money on that I shouldn't? Beer, beer, and beer."


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