Save & Splurge

Julie Ibach, restaurant manager, roller derby vixen "Oucho Marx," old lady arts and crafts fan

How do you save money?

"By eating 90% of my meals at work and by looking at things and going, 'Oh, I could make that myself.' I made my own leggings for roller derby off of a 99-cent Hilary Duff pattern. At Costco I'll buy 40 pounds of cat litter of $10. I can make a dress out of the bag, it's that big."

How do you splurge?


"I probably splurge the most at the fabric store and the antique mall. I'll spend a lot at Checkers on the 'Wall of Meat,' usually on steak. I like to treat myself to Bottleneck trivia once in a while. Games for my Nintendo DS, as well. They're not that extravagant. Well, maybe a little-they're $30. I need to get Mario Kart DS, but it's $35! I almost splurged on a Wii at Costco the other day."


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