Beyond the Valley of the Blow-up Dolls

Behind the scenes of Steve Balderson's Kansas-made shock-farce, "Watch Out"

"People have said it will be the most controversial film of the decade, and that's not an understatement," modestly suggests Kansas filmmaker Steve Balderson of his next film, "Watch Out." "It could very well be the most explicit non-pornographic film ever made." While that may sound a touch hyperbolic, when you consider that "Watch Out" revolves around a man who has sex with a blow-up doll bearing his visage, photographs his own penis because he favorably compares it to a brontosaurus, and goes on to assassinate a Britney Spears-style diva, Balderson may have a point. "Watch Out"-based on the novel by Joesph Suglia-is a bodily function-drenched satire of society and sexuality with a pitch black sense of camp that fuses the styles of Balderson's previous films, "Pep Squad" and "Firecracker." Taking time out from editing the film, Balderson gave us a director's commentary on some of the production photos from the Wamego set of "Watch Out."

View the audio slideshow for photos with commentary or the photo gallery for the production photos and notes.

On the set

Actor and journalist Jon Niccum narrates a photoshoot by Dusti Cunningham from the set of local director Steve Balderson's latest project (CAUTION: Contains brief nudity)Produced by Gavon LaessigView audio slideshow (13 min.)


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