Save & Splurge

Michael Canty, computer operator, wearable electronics aficionado

How do you save money?

"Whenever I get $1,000 that I don't need for rent or bills, I throw it in my savings account and don't touch it. I always make sure I know what I'm spending on food. I have a hard budget on food and gas, rent and bills, and I set everything else aside. I eat a lot of canned soup. You get a nice nutritional value for your dollar. Frozen vegetables are cheap and I like dumping those in a nice cream of mushroom soup. I save a lot of money that way and can get everything I need that way."


How do you splurge money?

"I buy T-Qualizers and other gadgets. A T-Qualizer is a shirt that has a battery pack and a sensor, and it detects and reacts to ambient sounds in the area. People always look at you. I got mine from I also got my Grand Theft Auto IV and I'll play that all day tomorrow. If there wasn't a shortage on Wiis I'd buy one of those, too. You know, it's so hard to find a bar that has good rum. You can't find good rum like Matusalem anywhere. It's a Cuban rum and I love to splurge on good liquor. I'm drinking a PBR right now, but that's because I'm already quite drunk."


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