In three years, Justin Roelofs has recorded two albums and set foot on stage exactly once, guesting with Ratatat in San Francisco. So, for fans of his music, his show this week in Lawrence is not to be missed. It will feature: an exhibition of paintings, a DJ set, guest stars from around the country, and that rarest of natural phenomena-a live performance by White Flight.

Roelofs has been on the road for the better part of four years-Hawaii, Mexico, Central and South America-living close to the bone, studying the Maya and their calendar, and working on his voice. "Sound," says Roelofs, "is a healing force."

He's come a long way from his Anniversary days, the band Roelofs formed after high school and which went on to make a splash in the global post-pop pond around the turn of the century. His 2006 solo debut, the eponymous "White Flight," has been called everything from "genius" to "crazy"-a beat-heavy, sample-rich fever dream of deep jungles, starships, ancient mysteries, and love-always love.

"White Ark," Roelofs' second solo offering, is nearly in the can, and features beats by Mike Stroud and Evan Mast of Ratatat. Roelofs recorded most of "White Ark" during a nine-day marathon alone in a cabin in the Adirondacks.

Street Level met up with Roelofs to talk about fresh beats, the vagabonding life, and using brain electrodes to find your joy.

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In three years, Justin Roelofs has recorded two albums and set foot on stage exactly once, guesting with Ratatat in San Francisco. So, for fans of his music, his show this week in Lawrence is not to be missed. It will feature: an exhibition of paintings, a DJ set, guest ...

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No-fi highlights from the podcast You're actually playing a show this week?

On May 10, at The Jackpot, we'll just be White Flight playing White Ark.

When I was making this record, I had just come from living totally vagrant, camping, traveling lifestyle, without permanent access to music or music equipment or recording music or electricity for a lot of the time in Guatemala. I just got back from six months without electricity again.

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White Flight


Is it fresher to work with a limited palette?

Always, right? It seems that in our culture, and where we have evolved, we have so much emphasis on the outer reality and all the material things. The more you strip that down in your own life, it can really help you have more clarity.

You think when your body's pure, your work is pure?

Some people I think could just be eating hamburgers all day long and it wouldn't be affecting their creative output in any way. It's just part of my path to experiment, monitor and observe, to alter and manipulate the diet. Part of the exploration of consciousness. One of the quickest ways to change your consciousness is by changing your diet.

You lived in a Maya pyramid complex in Mexico. How did you live there?

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White Flight

  • Saturday, May 10, 2008, 8 p.m.
  • Jackpot Music Hall, 943 Mass., Lawrence
  • 18+ / $7 - $8


It was a really special, special situation, where this horse caravan, this group that rides on horseback and lives off fire, has that sort of lifestyle. They started in Costa Rica, made their way up into southern Mexico. The sort of pseudo-leader of this group is fearless in the sense that he'll go straight into a town in Central America or Mexico or wherever they're at, and he'll go straight for the president or the mayor or the governor, the head honcho in charge, he explains, 'We're on this caravan, we're all about sustainable living and the environment. We plant trees, we put on shows.' And he ends up making buddies 'cause he's super-charismatic. In Palanque, for instance, he made friends with the wealthiest man in town, whose family for hundreds of years has owned land right around the pyramids, in the pyramid complex.

That's federally protected, isn't it?

It is, it is. That's why there was some friction, 'cause for the first time there were all these young people with horses playing drums all night, camping in the pyramid complex. And the guards weren't so happy about this, but this man owns the land and his family has for hundreds of years, and I mean, he's got all the money, so he's in charge ...

So he owns the land that's adjacent to the federally protected area...

Well, it's officially in the federally protected area, though I was actually not on the lawn with the pyramids. We were actually camped below. If you follow the main Maya water hole, their perfect swimming that they had looks too good to be true, but you can't actually swim in that, 'cause that's like in the ... I mean, there are so many guards around it. But if you follow the water down, and it's just the most beautiful waterfalls and little pools all the way down, and we were like five minutes from the top.


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Justin Roelofs

What are you getting from being by the pyramids? What is it?

You know, they're, in Palanque, it was a very powerful catalyst and awakening for psychic awareness ...

Explain that.

Well, for instance, before I even got to Palanque I started to have some dreams where I literally dreamed exactly what was going to happen, people I was going to meet there in Mexico. I was even given the name of a person I met, and saw him in a dream. And that was before I even got there. So then, once I got there, it became quite ridiculous in the sense that, I would dream anyone who would come to the gathering before they even got there. At first I was in disbelief, then it started to the point where I would call it out. Where it's like, "Oh, there's going to be a girl, who has curly hair who plays guitar with a nose like this, and she's bound to show, and she would show up. And the thing was, I wasn't the only one doing that. There were many at the camp who were having very similar experiences."


Jackie Treiber 14 years, 7 months ago

Justin's first three answers are peppered with the word 'like.' Was this a decision on the editor's behalf to leave this filler word in, or are you trying to stay true to your interviewee's voice? I'm not sure, but I'm a little irked by it.Jackie

oaas 14 years, 7 months ago

harness that sri yantra power, justin!dude is on some next level shit for sure...

oaas 14 years, 6 months ago

hey, cmon now, jesus said he would come backdidn't he?

scary_manilow 14 years, 6 months ago

What is it about this guy that screams "DOUCHEBAG" to me?

All_Seeing_Eye 14 years, 6 months ago

Hey Manilow: it's obviously your own breath you are smelling. Remember...those things are supposed to go BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!!!

joehill 14 years, 6 months ago

I'm not sure what I find to be most ridiculous:a) the fact that a suburban kid from Johnson County thinks he is actually absorbing Mayan culture by hanging out with a bunch of other white, privileged hippies at Palenque, one of Mexico's most touristy ruins. If he was truly exploring other cultures, he would have left the white hippie drum circle outside of the tourist attraction (Palenque) to spend six months in an actual Mayan community or at a set of ruins that isn't saturated with US tourists. He should have saved himself the ticket to Mexico and camped outside Worlds of Fun. He would have absorbed just as much culture there (if actually absorbing culture, rather than merely fronting an image, is his true goal).b) that someone who claims to be so interested in Mayan culture would be willing to buddy up with the town's richest landowner, whose family has undoubtedly massacred and exploited countless Mayan people. The richest landowner in Palenque did not acquire his land through cooperation with the indigenous in the region. It was taken. Mayans have traditionally owned land communally. Any single family in the region that has owned the land for hundreds of years acquired it through murder and exploitation. I wonder how many indigenous people were slaughtered on the land where Roelofs and the (suburbanite-turned-shaman) horse caravan camped. It appears to me that Roelof's "exploration of consciousness" doesn't involve the exploration of social or political consciousness. Roelofs, stop taking salvia long enough to read a book or talk to a true local. Please. c. that people (albeit few) actually take Roelofs seriously. Newsflash: Roelofs is not deep, spiritual, or enigmatic. He is a suburban kid who smoked a little too much pot. Although he tries to market himself as a worldly musician, he is not. The only culture he has absorbed is that of white, hippie drum circle participant. Roelofs is to music as Vanilla Ice is to rap. Sure, it's funny, but it ain't real. Please, Roelofs, stop spending so much effort on building your image and spend more time actually working with the communities you purport to know. d. that i just spend the past fifteen minutes writing this comment.

theinvisiblehand 14 years, 6 months ago

Sorry, I'm not impressed by someone befriending a wealthy Guate land-owner (most of whom were involved in the indigenous slaughter of the 80's) and gained access to land Guatemalan's can't have access too. Many would want perspectives and insights of average folks while in the 3rd world. Not the one whose "got all the money." I have a front page spot when I come back for a visit? Ill get super faded before the interview and just ramble drunkly and with poor grammar about something cosmic and 'cool'...maybe string theory.get a job roelofs

amscoking 14 years, 6 months ago

probably the fact that he is a douchebag is the thing that screams DOUCHEBAG to you.

scary_manilow 14 years, 6 months ago

Just callin' 'em as I see 'em. Ain't that what these glorious internets are all about?

sarmar 14 years, 6 months ago

INFINITE LOVE TO YOU! Thank you, Justin, keep on living, and loving, and making art and music. You are a light. May the 'haters' find peace in their hearts.

White_Flight 14 years, 6 months ago

(continued)I have been initiated into mayan spiritual tradition by some of the most respected spiritual leaders in the entire Mayan nest of Elders. i have participated in countless ancient ceremonies to honor and connect with our MOTHER EARTH and FATHER SKY. i have tended fire after fire, making innumerable offerings to my ancestors, for i have many roots in the land of the Maya. i might be in a white body that was born in a modern suburban culture THIS time around, but like each one of us, that is because i have a very particular mission to fulfill in this time, some very particular lessons to be learned............but i have memories and images that far extend beyond this "suburban kid" body. for the truth is this: "I" AM NOT MY BODY!!i have connected intimately with so many indigenous families at this point it is just hilarious to read these assumptions about my time in the south. the truth is YOU HAVE NO IDEA what i have experienced, and you obviously have no idea what is going on down there. There is so much i can say here but it would only be a waste of energy, because if anyone was truly to speak with me in person, to know me on a more intimate level beyond a podcast, they would know and feel the truth of where i am coming from. But i do want to say one last thing:You folks who think you are socially or politically aware because of your limited understanding of the RECENT history of the injustice in Guatemala...i believe you are totally missing the deeper point. Sure these Mayan have been slaughtered by the military, innocent family after family being wiped out so a small handful of humans could reap large amounts of material profit and power. But these same Mayans slaughtered the people in the land before them. Just like in Peru. The Incas were literally destroyed by the Spanish. But as my Incan family has reminded me, the magnificent Inca culture was guilty of the same crime. For this culture was built on the shoulders of the Tiwanaku, whom the Incas nearly totally obliterated except for the few that were able to escape and fled to the highlands of Columbia. Yes, the violence has become much more sophisticated now. We can kill many more humans in a very short amount of time. But humans have been killing humans, raiding their land and wiping out whole cultures since the beginning of this last epoch of 5000 years.

White_Flight 14 years, 6 months ago

I can't help but comment...this is hilarious. I feel no need to defend myself, but i do hope to encourage you last two people who posted to open your minds and your hearts and realize how good it feels to emerge from the darkness. you are making assumptions based on a few paragraphs of electronic type and a few minutes of sound you honestly think this gives a REAL picture of who I AM or my experiences in this body on this planet?? i lived in palenque over 2 years ago on indigenous land with the same indigenous people that have farmed the land for hundreds of years. it was as anti-tourist as an experience as you can possibly get. the "wealthy land owner" has had this land in his family for hundreds of years, and within the land that is owned by mario, there are many many families that fall under this umbrella that have lived there and farmed the land around the pyramids for as long as they can possibly remember. you are making assumptions about a bunch of mexican families of mayan ancestry that live in one room dilapidated shacks, and you are calling them murderers. the wealth has only showed up in the last decade, and this is because of the cattle farming industry, which many of the families have been forced into because of a million reasons i won't go into here. but it is very important to comprehend that wealthy is a relative word my friends...........after i lived in Palenque (which is DEFINATELY in mexico, which the first person must not realize...) i moved south to highland Guatemala, now having lived 1 YEAR there. it is here in Guatemala that the traditional mayan culture is most in tact, though of course much has changed in the last few hundred years, and especially in the last 20. but there are still thousands of folks wearing their traditional clothing, planting ancient corn and gathering wood for their homes every day, most of them living as close to the earth as a human can in this rapidly changing time. I lived in the homes of mayans in this time, i lived on the land and i have Mayan Grandmothers, women who barely speak a word of spanish whom recognize me as part of their family. i have studied the dialect. I have little mayan brothers and sisters who might be tickled by my white skin and blond hair, but regardless, consider me part of their quickly evolving culture and we have shared so much good food and so many good laughs. i would do anything to help these people and they would do anything to help me...and that's exactly what we were doing!

White_Flight 14 years, 6 months ago

(continued)The key here is understanding that it is actually a fundamental glitch and lack of awareness in our human conciousness that is behind all of this violence. Sure, you might not be taking a machete to the throat of an innocent human being wearing a hand-woven dress, but essentially you are doing the same thing by HATING someone you have never met. Sitting on your computer, using your valuable time to criticize another human being is the type of neanderthal behavior that eventually you must MATURE BEYOND. You are creating war and violence each time you separate yourself from the other, making judgements and failing to recognize that we are of all one body. We are just like tiny blood cells running through the body of our MOTHER EARTH. And the blood running through my veins is the same as yours and the same as my Mayan ancestors. WE ARE NOT SEPARATE, WE ARE ONE. And to hate or judge another is to hate yourself. Thank God we are finally evolving out of this sort of behavior at a species wide level. And this is something that all my mayan elders agree upon. But still there are many who are trying to hold on to their old way of being, folks who are in need of much healing and reintegration. So you spend your time spreading poison instead of love, feeding the fuel of misunderstanding, which nearly always leads to violence and war. For violence is beyond just hand to hand combat, there are so many subtle planes one can be trapped in, living a life of war in one's own mind.I love both of you of who posted above. No joke! And until you learn to love yourself AND love someone like George Bush, you are just going to perpetuate the war on GREAT SPIRIT. Please, let's do our best to get out of our minds and into our hearts where it is so clear that we are all of ONE RELATION, ONE HEART. Thanks for reading.

scary_manilow 14 years, 6 months ago

And KEXP is hardly what I'd call a yardstick of quality-- they seem to rock a lot of My Morning Jacket, too. Ugh.But there's no accounting for taste, I guess. I like a lot of music that sucks, too... But the difference here is, I'm willing to ADMIT that it sucks. AT least in the eyes of the typical White FLight fan.

smerdyakov 14 years, 6 months ago

I can see the JoCo hippie thing pretty clearly (he doesn't seem to try to hide it) and I find a lot of his drug-addled "philosophy" sophomoric. But there's no denying the music-KEXP likes it enough to rock it. I'm no musicologist but it hardly seems derivative-I'd be curious what you're hearing in there. There's nothing new under the sun, especially in a post-Ween world, but this feels as original as anything I've heard in quite a while.

trailer 14 years, 6 months ago

Justin, Remember your audience. Remember you became a public persona and put yourself and your experience out there for random people's commentary. Remember that the people reading are not supportive for the most part. I greatly appreciate the unique perspective your records take. I'm glad they found me. But how can you not have an awareness of the eccentricity of the things you are saying? People are going to have negative things to say when you go from being in a marginally talented local band to pseudo-shaman of the Midwest. It is no different than an overzealous Christian rock band that doesn't shut up about being born again and the messages that God gave them. No one has a right to judge you, but when you embrace a rock star cliche there will be a backlash.

scary_manilow 14 years, 6 months ago

I don't care what he does with his heart-- I just think the music sucks, the hype is unwarranted, and the listeners are easily duped. Anyone who finds this sort of thing "challenging" or "progressive" hasn't paid much attention to music in the past, I don't know, fifty years or so. On a side note, I truly love how the only way any of today's suburban, upper-middle-class, indie-hippie snobophiles can appreciate an indigenous culture is when it's filtered through the experiences of a privileged white male. You guys are so fucking enlightened it hurts.

theinvisiblehand 14 years, 6 months ago

case in point. you are self-centered and always looking to get some 15 mins in the sun. back to my point, get a job and start producing positive change for the world...not just assume i have textbook knowledge of the area which is untrue, so i can see through your b.s.

scary_manilow 14 years, 6 months ago

I make music. I play well-attended gigs. People call me a fraud all of the time. It rolls right off of me-- I don't have audacity to play myself up as some sort of guru, ala Mr. Whitey Flighty. None of that is relevant to my gripe, however-- I'm just here to protest the group-proclaimed "brilliance" of this guy who is obviously taking a colossal piss. It's a joke, a sham, and you're all buying into it. Just because he talks a big line about the higher self doesn't make him any greater than you or I. He's just another rich white dude co-opting an opressed culture to give himself some bullshit "worldly" cred. Pardon me if I find that aggravating-- I just mistakenly thought that most people around here were smart enough to see through that charade. Guess I was wrong.

SMN 14 years, 6 months ago

Hey Invisible Hand,What are you doing to make things better? Does "producing positive change for the world" consist of talking shit on a message board? Oh, and since you're such a stickler for grammar, I probably don't need to point out that "drunkly" is not a word, at least not one recognized by the fine folks at Webster's.

theinvisiblehand 14 years, 6 months ago

i think duplenty might have a thing for waify whites with long blond hair. the 15 mins of fame comment was about Mr. Roelofs habit of scene jumping to what is "in". If I remember correctly there was punk, indy, emo, 70's throwback. Maybe some hip hop thrown in there.Whereas scary_manilow has kept it real since I have known him. It grates my skin to see this phony get props for his music with "shit going on" in it and idiotic philosophy when he's just a self-centered trust fund kid living with his parents.peace

scary_manilow 14 years, 6 months ago

Cramps? Yeah, I get 'em all the time-- especially when I'm typing ceaseless responses to comments that nevver address the core issue of my gripe. I don't care if his music is original or not-- it's the man himself I find to be irritating. The music is just a gateway to the charlatan within... And before you go slinging arrows, I make no claims to be anything BUT a charlatan. I hold myself to a higher standard because, hey, at least I ADMIT that I'm in it for the money.And with that, I'm out.--Scary M!

theinvisiblehand 14 years, 6 months ago

spook lights just gained a fan outta me. just are not your body!

marktrail 14 years, 6 months ago

Scary needs to give up the ghost and finally move out of town (and/or off the local message boards) if being in a youthful, energetic, open-minded city is making him too cynical and bitter to not be a dick when others challenge the status quo. Dude has publicly aired out a lot of his own douchebaggery on this same site, from his own stab at the heroin diaries to detailed descriptions of his own feces. If I see anyone on this board suffering for a lack of attention, it's not Justin. "Love it or hate it," Justin's music is very interesting, and the WF show was phenomenal. I'm really excited to hear the next album. I also think its possible to take his anthropological/spiritual quests with a grain of salt and still enjoy his music. Tom King might be fascinated by the story behind the music, and that's fine, because it certainly is out of the ordinary. But to most local music fans, it's what's on record that counts. Show me anyone around here who's that experimental and willing to pursue new sounds and messages as he is, and I'll be impressed. I've been to a Spook Lights show and enjoyed it as well. Nice lights, movie clips, atmosphere, etc. It would be easy to argue that that shit is just as hokey in the atmosphere it invokes, but you won't find me trolling through saying shit like "dude it's bullshit this blue-collar ex junkie quintiles guinea pig bartender 40-something listens to one pebbles comp and decides he's garage rock's alistair fxxxing crowley"It's all subjective, and I don't think most would debate that fact. But no matter the breadth and differing backgrounds of the musicians with pages on this site, it's still Lawrence music, and to shit on fellow musicians is, in my opinion, poor form. It's funny because the whole thing sort of validates and illustrates a few of the lines on the WF album's opening track...Something about "I see you tear your brother down" and "I see through the cover, brother" (and then some stuff about shining colors, I think).Good luck to you all.Peace. MT

tomking 14 years, 6 months ago

duplenty: No real reason to piss in your own pool...marktrail: matter the breadth and differing backgrounds of the musicians with pages on this site, it's still Lawrence music, and to shit on fellow musicians is, in my opinion, poor form.Exactly.

theinvisiblehand 14 years, 6 months ago

uhhhh. maybe i had to much to drink tonight....but i dont get - happy malcolm x day to you all from oakland ca

Kelly Corcoran 14 years, 6 months ago

Woah.I respect that some folks don't go for the dog & pony show of WHITE FLIGHT and to some degree I agree with y'all that a KC/Lawrence fella goes on an extended vacation (albeit something that does not resemble a typical western-style vacation) and finds a new way of thinking and living is hard to swallow. Everybody needs a way to rationalize the world. So this is a really brief outline of his way of rationalizing in releation to his music. Cool. Its a better outlook than mine....I think our world is somebody's ant farm. I hold my mind together with duct tape, super glue and the Canadian punk band FUCKED UP because of my ant-farm woes. I bet Justin is happier than me.I'd like to see WHITE FLIGHT and SPOOK LIGHTS work on songs together. The best multi-media show EVER. Smart and tasteless use of Schlock + Zen Meditation + history of dirty style rock music + experimental drugs (quintiles+pot) + nasty guitar licks = I WANNA SEE IT. DO IT, dudes.

joehill 14 years, 6 months ago

Ahhhhh. I have now been enlightened by the intergalactic shamanic guru White Flight. I see that I was to busy "spreading poison instead of love." Oh sagacious spiritual Roelofs, how do I spread the love? Should I spread it to one of my best friends' wives? Nothing says love for other human beings like sleeping with your close friend's wife and destroying their marriage. Just to be clear, though, when you say "I AM NOT MY BODY," are you saying that it wasn't YOU who screwed over one of your best friends? Of course not. You cannot be blamed. You didn't screw him over by sleeping with his wife. Your body did it. Do people not read the newspapers? Roelofs is only a few mushrooms away from becoming David Koresh (the sect leader in Waco), Jim Jones (architect of the Koolaid-drinking Jonestown massacre), or Marshall White (the googly eyed leader of the Heaven's Gate cult). Like these three self-absorbed, self-proclaimed spiritual gurus, Roelofs does not have some profound, otherworldly understanding. He uses others, coopts different communities' and cultures' voices, and simply makes up things to advance his own ego. I am not critical of Roelofs because I don't like his music. I am critical of the fact that he is a fraud. Roelofs preaches all this trustafarian bullshit about loving others, while he sleeps with his close friend's wife or collaborates with exploitive landowners in Palenque (Sorry Roelofs, your justification of the rich landowner in Mexico is totally crap. Anyone who has been to the region knows that mass wealth in Chiapas=exploitation. Even if this person only acquired his wealth recently, he is surrounded by the poorest people in Mexico. So, while he is destroying the land by herding cattle to ship meat to the 1st world, his sisters and brothers are literally starving to death, dying from curable diseases, and being killed by other landowners in the region, who hire death squads to suppress those who speak out against such gross inequality). Roelofs, ditch the persona that you have created. We all (...or at least most of us) see through it. Truly love others, don't be so self-absorbed, and your music might not be so contrived anymore.

marktrail 14 years, 6 months ago

Christ, "Joe" right him a letter already...Either you're someone who was affected by this situation personally, in which case there are better remedies for dealing with this than leaving an anonymous comment, or else you're an outsider who absorbed some gossip from half a decade ago and have become unhealthily involved in something that really isn't your business. Yeah, people make mistakes, and I understand and share some of your skepticism about the man's lifestyle, but the amount of bitterness in your comments baffles me -- you created an account just to make a personal attack on someone. Why?I hope you find a healthier way to deal with your bitterness in the future, because your preachy little rant just makes you look like the asshole.

New_Kids_Rule 14 years, 4 months ago

You know,I am a little more than late to comment on this. But,I still felt the urge to share my view. You see,the fact that anyone can get caught up in the jealousy or disdain they hold for another man is a weakness. To absorb yourself with facts which are used only with malicious intent,or to purposely try to discredit another individual for an accomplishment which you yourself did not participate in,is sheer nonsense. If a man finds theology and wisdom of self,is it not up to us to celebrate with such a man?! Should we not embrace his discovery and celebrate an amazing transformation of a spiritual being? If a man finds that he prefers to watch Michel Gondry films,should we in disgust announce our unnapproval with the said decision and mock the man for not falling in line and watching Woody Allen like the average man?! Metaphorically speaking,that is. If he hasn't "helped the world" in any way,then tell me why my brother White Flight's music came to me at a time of my life in which no light could be found...It was December 2006.I am an ex-Atlantic Records recording artist whom was disolved in a subsidiary closure. As I tried my hardest to accumulate enough funds to try to write and record new material,as well as support my pregnant fiancee and our future family,I was finding myself slipping away from my musical heart and background through my tireless hours spent working a job in roofing here in Florida. Within this time,both of my grandmother's were diagnosed with cancer,and as if that weren't enough,my pregnant fiancee had a miscarriage and our relationship couldn't survive such heartache.In the midst of my mind breaking down,and due to a monotonous offering of music,I was giving up on writing and recording anything anymore.I had no motivation and due to the recent upsets at the time,I had all but lost my ambition altogether.

New_Kids_Rule 14 years, 4 months ago

(cont.)Why does this matter? Because this is where my biggest musical influence steps in... The Anniversary was my favorite band,and Justin's songs were my favorite songs by far. SO...I decided to see if he had anything to fill my Zune up with so I could jam it while I was roofing. Amazingly,he had a WHOLE ALBUM. I downloaded it,through Rangelife for 7.50,and I can distinctly remember the morning in which I listened to what,in my opinion,was an absolute opus.It was a cool winter morning,it never gets cold here in FL,and I stood atop a 14 story building just as the sun was peaking over the beach not 1/2 a mile away...and right at 2:42 on the track "Pastora Divine",when the keys start a new melody,I just about cried for my elation of what a beautiful life it is. I had refound my energy and motivation! I had found my ambition! ...Or more like,IT had found ME!...whether a man's idealogy conforms or constricts against my own is not my business. Whether and how a man's credibility should be measured is nobody's burden nor could anyone make it so.I believe that White Flight is here for those whom need his sound vibration and energy for what anyone can perceive to be better. If it is not for you,then do not force yourself to like it or hate it. Just leave it alone. Otherwise you alienate yourself and others based on irrational opinions. And alienation is one step towards segregation. FREE YOURSELF and LET OTHERS BE FREE! there is no reason that multiple musical entities cannot co-exist without a disdain or displeasure in this ever so wonderful life we all share!Thank you for making a change in the world,White Flight,even if it's only in a few people's life...And,being that I'm somewhat still a rapper,I leave you with this,White Flight... "There will always be haters. Always. But,be glad that you have them. Because,when someone is hating on what you do,you know that you are obviously doing something right." Peace to all,and may the light shine on everyone's life and future.

theinvisiblehand 14 years, 3 months ago

have you ever met the guy? give that a shot then you will know where we are coming from.....

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