Save & Splurge

Sketch D. Clown, silent clown (don't call him a mime-he'll beat you down with floppy shoes), tramp about town

How do you save money? (Points at beer, then points at me, then points at bar.)

You have other people buy you beer? (Nods "Yes." Pulls invisible nail out of coat, then invisible hammer out of invisible tool belt, then begins hammering invisible nail into invisible wall.)

You work in construction to make money? (Nods "Yes." Holds thumb and pinky up to head as though a phone, then dials invisible pad.)

You also work in telemarketing? (Nods "Yes.")


Woo-Hoo! I got that one! Anything else? (Holds up invisible needle, begins making sewing motion. Puts invisible fabric on invisible surface and pushes it though feeding it into sewing machine. Proudly tubs at lapels on jacket.)

You're a seamstress? No, wait-you make your own clothes to save money! (Nods "Yes.")

Awesome! I'm getting good at this. How do you splurge money? (Points at his beer, smiles knowingly.)

Anything else? (Brings invisible doobie up to lips, takes big old invisible toke.)


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