Save & Splurge: Audrey Bellinder

Audrey Bellinder, Creation Station lady, hula hoopist

How do you save money?

"I get paid by the week, and usually I just save whatever amount is possible to save-plan it all out and write it down. After I get paid, I write down how much I have to spend on rent or food or whatever. I don't have a bank and I don't have any government IDs or anything like that. I just keep it in a box I made. I don't really trust banks. I pool my money with my friends and we all live together-we have a money fund. I save as much as possible after my expenses and I allow a spending amount each week compared to how much I make. Usually I save 75% of what's left after expenses. But sometimes I spend all of it. Whatever is meant to be will happen. Money is only paper."


Audrey Bellinder

How do you splurge?

"I usually give it to my friends or to people who ask me for it on the street-or I just buy cigarettes and gemstones. Mostly I just give my money away. I feel like we're all in it together. Some people are living on the streets without money or food. I'll buy things for people that live down by the river. Other times I'll just give them money. I just give it away-I'm not attached to it. If I have a lot of money and am enjoying it, I want to share it. I don't want to be like, 'I have all the money and I'm awesome!' Although I do buy a lot of hula hoops."


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