Review: Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (360)

The original Spyro the Dragon was released on a generation of systems that was already overrun with 3D platforming games starring animals. While you don't see much of Gex or Bubsy anymore, there are gamers out there with fond memories of collecting gems as a purple dragon. Those fans are sure to get a bit of nostalgic fun out of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Others will find a decent, yet forgettable adventure game.


There's nothing shocking here. No genre-transforming new gameplay mechanic, no epic 40-hour quest. It's exactly what you'd expect, albeit with a nice variety of moves and a local co-op mode. This mode is fun when it works, but you'll quickly notice there are some serious issues in the camera department. It's very difficult to travel any significant amount of distance away from your partner without the camera going into a bit of an epileptic fit, and it's difficult to discern where to go even when it's working correctly.

Combat is pretty solid, with the standard light attack/heavy attack/grab control scheme. This isn't the only thing that seems like it was pulled straight from God of War - the weapon levelling system is near identical. You'll collect gems which you can then funnel into advanced versions of the weapon of your choosing, allowing you to unlock more powerful attacks.

While nothing is completely broken about Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (although the camera comes close), there's nothing particularly great about it. It offers little new in a genre that requires innovation in order to get noticed. Would be a good purchase for Spyro fans or younger gamers, but those looking for something more in an adventure game should look elsewhere.

Graphics: 8.0

Sound: 6.0

First Play: 7.0

Replay Value: 6.5

Gameplay: 6.5

Overall: 6.7


annemccracken 14 years, 4 months ago

Some people might be afraid to play this because Spyro looks like such a mean dragon on the cover, but don't worry because he is actually nice.

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