Save & Splurge: Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson, server, sewer, runner, accounter

How do you save money?


Jessica Johnson

"I only buy vegetables, grains and fruit as my food. I shop mainly at Hy-Vee, but sometimes I'll go to the Farmer's Market. Although I find the Farmer's Market can be kind of disappointing because their produce doesn't last as long. Anyway, I save money by not going out to eat and just making my food. Transportation wise, I ride my bike almost all the time. I told the guy at Sunflower I needed a bike to ride to school and I blindly trusted him. It was actually one of their cheapest bikes-$160. I've had it for three years. You've gotta get tune ups! So far as clothing, I sew and love to make my own clothes. Or I just go to Wild Man. My secret savings tip? Slim Fast and beans are amazing. A lot of vitamins and a lot of farting."

How do you splurge?

"I'm currently saving to buy a really expensive suit so that I'll be accepted in the world of accounting. My whole reason for wanting to become an accountant is that, one month out of every year, accounting firms force you to take a really expensive vacation. They think that's one less month you'll be committing fraud. With all this money I'll be making, I can go anywhere the f*ck I want. Italy? Iceland? Who knows? I'll try a lot of wines and see a bunch of places I've never seen before. Someplace with beautiful cliffs, white beaches-Spain, basically. I plan on getting a house, and a career, and children, and all of the lame-ass stuff you can think of."


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