Style Scout: The late Heather Fey

Monday, October 27, 2008

Years alive?

19 undead, 2 as living dead

Occupation prior to becoming a shambling corpse?

Student, slave to the corporate system

What were you doing when killed and reanimated?

Fighting off zombies and the other royalty nominees for my Prom Queen crown

Favorite places to stalk the living?

South Park, Jazzhaus (the stairs can be tricky), random alleyways of Mass


The late Heather Fey Hill

How would you describe your stench?

Earthy with a hint of rotten flesh

Favorite trends in mortuary fashion?

Novelty-shaped coffins, like bananas, cars, or fish, make me turn over in my grave. My favorite right now is the shoe-shaped coffin.

Least favorite?

Cremation. Talk about being a buzz kill.

Favorite hunk of flesh to gnaw on?

I've always been a fan of the derriere. Its both visually and digestively appealing.

Where do you get your hair disheveled and sprinkled with maggots?

It's natural

What zombie killing techniques would you like to see less of in Lawrence?

Long distance weaponry; my peripheral is nonexistent, so its hard to avoid the sniper shots.

What music are you soullessly moaning along to these days?

Grateful Dead, The Cranberries

Tell us a secret.

Children scare me.

Please tell us a little bit about each of the following items you're wearing (where it came from, whether or not it's used, and how much it cost):

Dress: Wild Man Vintage, used, can't remember cost

Blood and viscera: My prom date; his remains from a late night snogging session

Filth and putrescence: Natural accumulation through the years

Accessories: Clear Jelly flats from Target, 12.97