Style Scout: Natale Collar

Age: 22

Sign: Libra

Hometown: Kansas City

Time in Lawrence: 4 years

Occupation: Pre-school teacher, liquor store worker, and karaoke hostess.

What were you doing when scouted? Playing with the Ouija Board at the Bull House Yard Sale.

Favorite places? Jensen's Liquor, The Casbah Market, The Bull House, and the Dirty Bird.

How would you describe your style? I try to dress like a Junior High kid in the 1980s, but mostly my style us influenced by ease and quickness in getting ready.

Where do you get your hair cut? Megs at Headmasters.

Favorite trends? Shirtless-ness, open-mindedness, feathers, wearing shoes that are obviously too old and too destroyed to be worn.

Least favorite trends? Pajamas or slippers outside of the home, and pretentiousness.

Tattoos/piercings? I have a huge tattoo on my back that I'm embarrassed by. I don't have any current piercings.

Favorite coffee shop? I like The Bourgeois Pig because it's always on my walk somewhere, and there's always friendly people and good coffee.

Favorite bar? I'd have to say The Replay, The Jackpot, and The Tap Room because I have a lot of friends that work there.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I'd really like to see a community bike system, and more community gardens.

What would you like to see less of? Bike stealing-for real. And bad drivers.

Who are your fashion influences? My mom, when she was my age. I have a lot of her old clothes.

People say I look like: Stevie Nicks, mainly because of my hair. I don't think I look like her. When I was little, people said I looked like Shirley Temple. It's always because of my hair.

Tell us a secret: I have a picture of Jonathan Taylor Thomas in my wallet.


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