Townie guide to... massaging the stars

Katy Bednarczyk Dandino, Massage Therapist, enjoys painting, drawing, going to shows, reading

You're a massage therapist with some pretty high profile clients, including Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor. How does one rub their way to the top of that well-oiled pinnacle?

"I studied massage therapy at the Massage Therapy Training Institute in Kansas City. After a year of schooling, I started working for Bodyworks in Lawrence, and got hooked up doing concert gigs through Bodyworks Backstage. In addition to the Bodyworks Backstage work, I also work at Massage Heights in Liberty, MO."

Aside from the Boss, who are some of the other notables you've gotten loosey goosey?

"I've massaged Steve Miller, the crew and production folks from Rush, Sheryl Crow's back up singers and production, all of NOFX, a member of Chicago, Doobie Brothers production, Poison production, one of the lead guys from Lifehouse, the lead guy from Metro Station-I think that's about it. I was asked to be at Linkin Park, Jewel and Brad Paisley, but I was working my other job and couldn't go. I did massage the folks on the Walking the Dinosaurs tour, though."

Do you do that deep tissue stuff that's supposed to trigger repressed memories and make people cry? Did James Taylor cry? I bet James Taylor cried.

"My massage technique includes a little bit of Swedish, deep tissue if the client asks for it, trigger point release, lomi lomi, passive stretching, and myofascial release."


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You don't have to name any names, but what's the weirdest thing you've ever encountered in this line of work? Any celebrity riders demanding they be slathered in molten fudge or that they can only be massaged on a living wilderbeast?

"Nothing strange to report. I will tell you that the biggest compliment I've received from a client was when Bruce Springsteen dedicated my favorite song of his, "Devils and Dust," to me at his concert."

Advice for potential massagees?

"Be honest with your therapist about pressure when it comes to what you like in order to avoid soreness. Know the difference between good and bad pain, and drink lots and lots of water after a massage. The kidneys need to filter out all of the toxins that are released into the circulatory system during a treatment."

Okay, I know I probably shouldn't even mention this, but it's the puerile elephant in the room-how many "Happy Ending" jokes do you have to contend with on a daily basis? Do you shrug it off, or do you want to strangle people like me who bring it up?

"Not many people tease me about happy endings on a daily basis-it's more weekly. Mostly it's my friends or family that joke about it, so it's harmless."


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