Save & Splurge: Randy Schwartz


Randy Schwartz

Randy Schwartz, he's not unemployed, he's "funemployed," and he likes to throw the frisbee

How do you save money?

"Several ways. There's free Chinese food now and again at Dillons. They hand out lots and lots of samples on Tuesdays. Other sample opportunities I take advantage of are at Costco and Sam's Club in Kansas City, but forget samples—you can get a free veggie lunch at 11:30 on Thursdays at the ECM. I had rice and beans for lunch today. It was nice. I'm also a master at coasting—driving without using the gas pedal. You've got to play the hills. I'm also great at drafting, like in 'Project Gotham Racing.' It's very realistic. You can get right up behind a car and sling shot around them, just like in 'Tokyo Drift.' I think I'll pursue NASCAR after college."

How do you splurge?

"You know how there's a lot of different sizes of Nesquik chocolate powder? Well, there's a 500 ounce Nesquik and they're quite big. I've never had one of those, and if I could get one I think I'd be quite happy. I'm saving up for the largest Nesquik possible."


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