Style Scout: Sharyn Brubacher


Sharyn Brubacher

Sharyn Brubacher

Age: 28.

Sign: Leo.

Hometown: Goshen, Ind.

Time in Lawrence: Six and a half years.

Occupation: Waitress at Milton’s.

What were you doing when scouted: I was sitting at the Bourgeois Pig, having a drink after work.

How would you describe your style: Comfortable boho with a touch of (rebel).

What are your favorite fashion trends: Jeans, feather earrings, head scarves. Lately I’ve been into the ’80s off-the-shoulder T-shirt look.



Least favorite fashion trends: I’m not a fan of people that wear their hot pink pajamas outside of the home, or when friends dress exactly the same.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: I’d like to see people wearing comfortable shoes after 10 p.m.

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence: Less dog poop on the sidewalks. Is it really that hard to clean up after your dog? I’d also like to see less half-naked joggers on Mass Street. Overall, I love this town.

Who are your fashion influences: I kinda wish I was Kate Hudson a lot of the time, which I am ashamed to admit. I also like Samantha Mathis in the ’80s had good style, and I love Uma Thurman.

The most famous person you’ve served at Milton’s is: Ryan Adams.

People say I look like: I get Mary Louise Parker all the time. Someone probably says I look like her at least once a day.

The best part about working downtown is: The community of people is awesome — the best thing on earth. I love my job. I’ve worked at Milton’s for six years, and I still love the food and the coffee.

Tell us a secret: “St. Elmo’s Fire” is the theme song that runs through my head at all times.



Shoes: Dansko, purchased on eBay three years ago for $30.

Skirt: Old Navy jeans that were modified with a Belgian scarf. The jeans were $10, and I bought them four years ago.

Tank tops: I got both of them at clothing swaps this past year.

Earrings: My best friend got them for me in Florida two weeks ago.

Scarf: Urban Outfitters, purchased five years ago for $3.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, purchased a month ago for $10.

Tattoo: Done by Steve at Big Daddy Cadillac’s a week ago.


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