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By now, unless you have an amazingly well-rounded social life or are afraid of electrons flying through tubes, you've probably seen this little bugger:

That couple was vacationing in Canada and, as with Canada's granny-snuffing health care system (how do you think they make their so-called "bacon"?), a communist rodent decided to socialize their photo. This squirrel has now become the Brian Peppers of the animal kingdom.

Similar to the Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator, the internet has again democratized the meme! You can make your own squirrel crashed photo with The Squirrelizer!(Tip o' the hat to davidryan)

Here's one I made as an homage to Disaster Girl:

And a few more from Mashable:

Now get to squirrelizing and post it below! (The site is easily overloaded, however, so be patient and keep trying.)


chewyfally 13 years, 5 months ago

Thank you for showing me this and making my dreams come true! Squirrels ahoy!

gavon 13 years, 5 months ago

For those posting their images directly from the Squirilizer site, it's not going to last very long on their server. I think they're scrubbing everything after a few minutes to handle the huge capacity. Best to download your squirrelilzed image as soon as it's done, repost it at Flickr or some other hosting site, and then link to it from here!

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