Booze Cats

Daily Dose

The internet is a series of tubes, and those tubes are clogged with cats. You may think this vast network of free-flowing information is a tectonic shift in human development, a cultural quantum leap on par with the industrial revolution, but you'd be wrong and you'd be unironically making a Scott Bakula reference. No, the internet is simply an elaborate construct of Habitrails that stinks of lumpy kitty litter. See LOL Cats, Keyboard Cat, Maru, Gay Bar, etc. etc.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially in the case of Booze Cats. It's a site devoted to Photoshopping alcohol out of pictures and replacing it with cats. I would recommend using cats to adorably censor pornography, but considering how freighted certain colloquialisms for cat have become, that might be redundant and maybe even filthier.

Booze Cats join Jazz Hands Kitty and Lobster Cat as a worthwhile justification for our World Wide Feline Cyber-AIDS. Happy World Wide Feline Cyber-AIDS Appreciation Day, you guys!


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