Paul Stanley Stage Banter

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Paul Stanley, distinguished orator.

To rally the troops for Eric Melin and Dead Girls in their shot at opening for Kiss, here’s an example of what we’re fighting for—Paul Stanley’s stage banter.

This is a clip from the album “People, let me get this off my chest,” a bootleg cult favorite which collects the Kiss frontman’s high pitched hyperbole between songs on one convenient disc. It judiciously excises all of the boring music crap from a Kiss concert (no offense, Eric) and gets right to the nut meat of Stanley’s wit and wisdom.

Anyone ever seen “Metalocalypse”? Specifically the episodes with Dr. Rockso, the Rock and Roll Clown? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. (Hat tip to Andy and Prashant!)


matt 13 years, 1 month ago

Legendary. A true test in patience. Here's the scary part; that's 7 minutes. The whole CD is 70! You can grab the whole thing here:

gavon 13 years, 1 month ago

Ha! "Great minds..." and all. Certainly didn't mean to step on any blog toes. This came to my attention from multiple sources, including Matt Armstrong (belated hat tip, Matt) and Smackdown Trivia last night (there was a question about it in a category devoted to what Andy Morton wants for Christmas). Prashant Patel, bless him, posted the above video on my Facebook page this morning. Please don't hate me, but I never saw that Pitch post.

There's apparently just a Paul Stanley zeitgeist in the air. And we likewise will always love you.

DOTDOT 13 years, 1 month ago

What is that accent? It ain't New York. Kind of sounds like some kind of composite put on, but the problem is, I've heard it before. Randy Newman? Shikes, Kiss could segue into 'Short People' and nobody would notice.

Eric Melin 13 years, 1 month ago

I own this CD, but its so much better with the photo illustrations!!!!

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