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I'm so sick of hearing about the Salahis. I don't care if they crashed a White House party and got their photo taken with Joe Biden. It's a breach of national security on par with sneaking your own Milk Duds into "Avatar."

Their megalomania, while nauseating, is not Pearl Harbor having a baby with 9/11 that grew up to take Lee Harvey Oswald to the prom. They're essentially just photo crashers.

What's that? Segue? Don't mind if I do!

Here's a sampling from RandomCreepyGuy.com, a site devoted to the human equivalents of the Photo Crashing Squirrel. (Hat tip to Jamie!)

And no compilation of photo crashers would be complete without my personal favorite creeper, the ginger kid stalking Kate Beckinsale. Did you know that in Germany, gingerbread man cookies used to be made out of actual ginger kids? It's what inspired the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale and that's why the Nazis had so many ovens. Seriously. Heard it on Glenn Beck last night. Also, gold bullets are the only thing that can kill Were-Obamas (that's what you turn into if you're bitten by Barack Obama).


gavon 13 years, 3 months ago

Courtesy of our very own blogger, Fally (she of "I Heart Local Music" fame: http://www.lawrence.com/weblogs/i-heart-local-music/ ), we have a creepy guy in our own back yard!

Fally is the one dressed up as Kathleen Sebelius, pre-HHS.

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