Holiday haiku hoopla: Readers deliver poems that celebrate the winter season

Perhaps it's the crisp winter air. Maybe it's the anticipation of Christmas or the deluge of holiday spirit.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that readers can't get enough of the annual Holiday Haiku contest.

We received a record amount of submissions this year at the Journal-World - quite an achievement considering no glittery prizes were offered other than a chance to be published in print or online.

Some haikus came from parents and their children; some from classes of elementary and junior high school students. One was hand-written by a street musician and then forwarded by a friend who had a computer. Some were earnest looks at the holy origins of Christmas; others were snarky observations on the capitalistic bent of the season.

But thousands of words were contributed that explored the simple-yet-intricate style of the haiku: an unrhymed Japanese poetry form that features three lines containing five, seven and five syllables.

Here are some of the standout selections:

Dreamy, peaceful, fun,
Frosty flakes freefall from clouds,
A gorgeous first snow.
- Mika Schrader

In red feathered robe
The cardinal brings a gift
Nature's ornament
- Joann Wiley

Twitters, texts, and tweets
Offer new ways of wishing
Us Merry Christmas.
- Susan Engle

I think of Grandma
On this snowy Christmas day
She smells like cookies.
- Blake Qualls

Christmas stocking noise ...
Hamster in the toe, eating -
Brother quite guilty!
- A. Reed

Time, after a time
accelerates years to months
and a whole life to one death
- Daniel Washburn

Holiday music
Played once throughout the year
Comes to seek each ear
- Allie Straub

Waiting for Santa
Excitement growing each day
The countdown is on!
- Michelle Parmley

South for the winter,
The birds have gone, disappeared,
Holidays are near.
- Madeline Griem

Frostbite on face
Snow is fluttering to the ground
Spring will come around
- Leanne Fowles

That star in the East -
It once foretold a prophet.
Now, mostly profits.
- Jane Tedder

Ice storm at sunrise
Crooked branches scintillate
Shimmering sunlight
- Scott Sharp

A snowflake's a gem,
Always glimmering so bright,
No two are alike!
- Landon Prideaux

Fat guy stalking me,
That guy comin' down the tree,
Give me back my cookie!
- Caleb Holland

I was still captured
By frosted native prairie
Twinkling with moonlight
- Teresa Odell

Snow is falling down.
It glistens in the night sky
like a million stars.
- Caylin Buckley

December winds blow
Heating bills escalating
Three months until spring
- Marge Etzig

Povitica bread
A chunk of sweet swirls of love
Like the holidays.
- Judy Grant

Water can't be found
Colored lights provide no heat
Kitty! Return home!
- Charles K. Hoag

Despondent looks come
From my puppy when wearing
Felt reindeer antlers
- Althea Schnacke

It's snowball fight time.
Snowballs are flung around me.
I throw snowballs back.
- Brandon Campbell

Christmas Eve is near.
Shopping needs to be finished.
Oh so much to do.
- Elida Flores

Snowy flurries fall
Magic hanging in the air
Sugar plum-filled dreams
- Kyra Haas

I love hot cocoa.
The warmness tingles my toes.
Yum! It tastes so good!
- Ashtyn Rottinghaus

Today, the first snow
White, flurry, dancing snowflakes
Melting on the ground
- Christina Im

Tanitsu no
Seppen ha oto nashi
De ochiru yo
("A single snowflake falls silently")
- Jonathan Clark

Smiling through tears bright
So great to be home again -
Merry Christmas, Folks!
- Annie Reed

New dirt and old snow
In Oak Hill Cemetery -
Bright plastic flowers
- Brian Daldorph

Snow is cold as ice.
White as an angel's wings, soft.
Swirling in the breeze.
- Nicola Santangelo

Friends and family
Stored in long-term memory
Opened at Christmas!
- Helen V. Starrett

A nice snowy day,
All covered with small footsteps
All from a baby fox.
- Montserrat Lopez

Slippery, icy
Shimmering on the cold ground.
White and beautiful.
- Ella Kim

Lake frozen tonight.
Blades sharpened, come skate with me.
Warm fire, moon aglow.
- Donald Moss

Batteries missing ...
Packaging didn't warn us ...
Silent Christmas morn
- A. Reed

Now, please remember
Those you've lost along the way,
Since last December.
- David Darnell Williamson


Christmas Eve has come
Santa Claus is near
Happiness and cheer.
— Clayton Pfeifer

Tonight is silent
All is calm and all is bright
And dreaming in peace
— Clayton Pfeifer

The sweet silver Bells
For now that Christmas is here
Have a nice Christmas
— Clayton Pfeifer

Bells ringing throughout
A sleigh upon the rooftop
Santa comes to town.
— Allie Straub

Turn your music down
Let the children sing and shout
That’s the Christmas cheer
— Hunter Shawley and Robyn Flummerfelt

Here comes Santa Claus
Bringing presents to the town
Right down Santa’s lane
— Kasey Garzillo

Holiday Spirit
On this joyous occasion
Peace on earth to all
— Betty Norwood

Stockings by the fire
Presents underneath the tree
It is Christmas eve
— Lindsey Pratte

Cookies and candy
Right to the waist fly, silent —
“Morning after” comes
— A. Reed

New dog for Christmas ...
So where’s the pooper scooper?
Where’s the new “wet vac”?!
— A. Reed

A yuletide prayer
God, free my heart from anger
So I may see truth
— John Cutler

Softening dark days,
Decorated green tree wakes
Hope of future light.
— G. Richardson

Snowmen are frosty!
We can build them in the snow!
Snowmen are funny!
— Alexcis Estelle

Soft snow upon hills
And the snowman comes to play
Santa comes to town
— Raiyan Haq

Reindeer on the roof
Santa climbs down the chimney
Presents are waiting
— Payton Gannaway

Thrashing down the stairs!
On a snowy Christmas morning.
Shrieks of happiness!
— Noah Gold

Snowboarding down hills,
A thrill of intensity
Whippy! What a blast!
— Landon Prideaux

Jack Frost haunts us now
Jack is making snow
— Kaitie Jones

Santa is the best
Santa has a big Tummy
Santa threw something
— Justin Holloway

Christmas Eve is now
Santa comes down the chimney
Eats all the cookies
— Ella Sullivan

Snowflakes in the air
The joy of winter feels good
Everywhere is cold
— Denver Jones

Ring, ring, Ding. Aling
I can hear the bells ringing
From the great north pole
— Chandler Drewel

You can play in snow
Its fun to play in the snow
Snow is freezing ice
— Adam Guerich

We look at the tree
Full of pretty lights that blink
While it snows outside
— Morgan Lubaczewski

Children in their beds
Snowflakes dancing in the air
Sleigh bells on the roof
— Madeline Nachtigal

White layers of snow
Covering most everything
Wraps tree head to toe
— Reese Randall

Winter is supreme
The snow is falling quickly
Nice to be inside
— Jake Stegall

I hear bells chiming
Crystal-white snowflakes dancing
It must be Christmas
— Teri Huslig

Rushing down the hill.
Looking out for trees and boulders
Sledding is so fun.
— Kyle Taylor

It’s so cold outside
Time to get out winter coats.
Brrrrr ... winter is here!
— Kyle Taylor

Sledding is so fun
Riding down really big hills
Flying through the air.
— Camdyn Coons

The colorful tree
Has under it gifts galore!
Santa was here.
— Shelbie Corwine

The angels have come
To say to the little shepherd boy
That Jesus was born.
— Shelbie Corwine

In the fireplace
The burning logs were keeping
The cozy house warm.
— Shelbie Corwine

Christmastime is fun.
Hanging out with family
Enjoying good times.
— Gage Leckner

Sledding is awesome.
Sliding down enormous hills
Bam! We hit a bump.
— Gage Leckner

Gingerbread baking
while carolers sing their songs.
It’s time for Christmas.
— Lilia Bubeck

It is getting cold.
Wind is howling through the trees.
Snow is falling down.
— Caylin Buckley

The snowflakes are here.
They are twirling like dancers.
Wintertime is near.
— Elida Flores

Thanks to Christmas whims,
Many figures are less trim.
Don’t forget the gym!
— Peter Tormala

Think of those in need,
Jesus was opposed to greed,
“... you do unto me.”
— Peter Tormala

In giving good gifts,
Exercise great care and thrift;
Give a frugal lift.
— Peter Tormala

The holiday lights,
Red, blue, yellow, green and white
Beautify the night.
— Peter Tormala

Christmas holidays
Happy Hanaka et al
Wholly holy days
— Timothy Donohue

May God’s love abide,
With the people who know him,
“To run the good race.”
— David Darnell Williamson

Love’s lucidity,
Is the hallmark of being
— David Darnell Williamson

Footsteps in light snow
Joyous star runs before us
Who will tend our flocks?
— Charles K. Hoag

Church bells distant sound
Sleds send laughter gliding down
See that guy in red?
— Charles K. Hoag

When decorating
The tree, “Charlie Brown Christmas”
Is the best CD
— Althea Schnacke

Santa only comes
When you are asleep so don’t
Install “The Clapper”
— Althea Schnacke

My cat stares at the
Christmas tree looking for an
Ornament to eat
— Althea Schnacke

Just remember that
A white Christmas can also
Mean a foggy day
— Althea Schnacke

Today, the first snow
White, flurry, dancing snowflakes
Melting on the ground
— Christina Im

Cold snowman standing
Frosty snowy and frigid
Moving all around
— Christina Im

Christmas time is here
Family happy singing
Family is here
— Christina Im

Dancing and prancing
People singing all around
Beautiful Christmas
— Christina Im

A star in the East,
Wise men, shepherds, and angels —
The Christ child is born!
— Jane Tedder

Colorful snowflakes
Snowflakes peacefully falling
Whispering right now
— Christina Im

Twinkle starry night
Crisp, cool air sparkles with light
Fill my heart with peace
— Michelle Parmley

Shopping list in hand
Searching for the perfect gift
One more week to go
— Michelle Parmley

Twirling and twisting,
Snowflakes dancing around us,
Little magic flakes.
— Ciara Farmer

Coming from above
Dancing snow flakes everywhere
Yay no school today!
— Sydney Sirimongkhon-Dyck

You see a white flake
Floating down to planet Earth.
Now winter is here.
— Taylor Wilmarth

In the wintry woods
An evergreen hides in snow.
That’s the one I want.
— Kyleigh Marsh

The town is lit up
Like a sparkly wonderland.
It looks so pretty.
— Ashtyn Rottinghaus

Snowflakes glide softly
Covering Earth like a blanket
God’s white spectacle.
— Joyce Lawyer

I sit by the fire
My blanket wrapped around me
I’m warm and cozy.
— Lilia Bubeck

Snow covers the cars.
Roads are blocked out by the snow.
Hooray! A snow day!
— Cheyanne Vertin

Snowflakes drift softly,
Dancing bright in candle glow -
God’s splendor, shining!
— Annie Reed

Bethlehem’s far past
Brought forth Christ’s Light, still shining;
His wondrous love reigns!
— Annie Reed

Walking across ice,
Winter soars in clouds of breath,
Merrily freezing.
— Annie Reed

Mugs of hot cocoa,
Firelight flickering brightly,
Memories gather.
— Annie Reed

Ice skate rip smoothly
All along the pond’s expanse —
Crisp cold speed unleashed!
— Annie Reed

With stealth she crept forth —
A gift she left in secret —
Anonymous love.
— Annie Reed

Flames flicker through gloom.
Loki lies curled upon hearth.
Hark! Silence on earth.
— Lucy Price

Running with my dog
On ice. feet and husky’s paws
Slip and skid and slide
— Brian Daldorph

Bird bird bird bird bird
— Brian Daldorph

Cold blustery wind
Swinging to and fro, to-fro
On the empty swing
— Brian Daldorph

Half-drunk this cold night
I take my dog for a walk
To the moon and back
— Brian Daldorph

Shivering, whipping
You are wonderful and cold.
Flying through the Earth.
— Sam Six

Snow is freezing,
Just like ice, very cold snow.
So fun to play in.
— Taylor Royal

When I went outside,
The white snowflakes were falling.
It was a cold day.
— Timothy Vongphachanh

A cold snowy day,
I sit by the fireplace.
Beautiful winter.
— Mary Carr

Snowflakes in the night,
Fall softly through the darkness.
The winter has come.
— Dorian Vance

Snowflakes in winter
Falling lightly to the ground.
All different shapes.
— Elisa Trujillo

Everything is white.
The trees, the ground, everything.
I didn’t hear a sound.
— Mitko Karayozov

Winter land is here.
Snow is sparkling all day.
Pretty winter land.
— Nika Cha

Snow falling gently
Snowmen dancing around
Warm by the fireplace.
— Kami Morris

The snowflake sinks then,
Melts in the snow of blankets.
It is wonderful.
— Justin Truong

Winter is now here.
Now it’s time to have great fun.
Winter comes and goes.
— Brady Talkington

Snow, snowy snowflakes
Falling gently to the ground
On an icy day.
— Gabi Paez

It’s always snowing,
Like stormy snow in the winds.
Snow is like diamonds.
— Armando Gaeta

The clock struck midnight,
The snow is really puffy.
The crystal snowflakes.
— Julia Wiest

Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland is here.
Winter is very cold.
— Lwin Mateo-Lopez

Winter days are here.
Snow dancing all around me.
Snowflakes are sparkling.
— Jalene Perez

Slowly snow will fall,
Peacefully to the green grass.
White snow falls gently.
— Ryan Eldrigdge

The snow is so soft.
I will build a snowman now.
I will use buttons.
— Billy Phiavilayvong

Playing in the snow
We’re having a snowball fight
We go in the house.
— Domontay Jones

Sledding on steep slopes
Sliding on your sled downhill
Laughing, giggling kids.
— Toshita Barve

Snowflakes in the sky
It’s a winter wonderland
It is beautiful
— Menna Ibrahim

Snowflakes are pretty
Dancing little frozen ice
Falling from the sky
— Angela Oliver

I can’t bear to stare
Lights tingling everywhere
Everyone is there.
— Isabel Hardy

Candy canes are sweet
Candy canes are white and red
Candy canes are hard.
— Maya Herrera

A thump on the roof
Santa is on the house now
He is coming down.
— Preston Allen-Hernandez

Snow is beautiful
It is whiter than snow white
Makes the world pretty.
— Joachim Case

Jingle, jingle bells
Look outside it is snowing
Jingle all the way.
—Arthur Nammychai

Very pretty sight
Twinkling and glistening at night
Diamonds in the sky.
—Jessica McClanahan

Ho ho ho ho ho
Santa is on the rooftop
Looking for cookies.
— E’Lease Stafford

Pack snow into place
Scuplt the terrace with great ease
Have a snowball fight.
— Zach Comstock

Chocolate chip yum yum
Sugar cookie sprinkles
Snicker doodles yum.
— Maia Tilly

Minty red and white
Sweet and sometimes sour candy
And always yummy.
— Brisa Andrade

Carols heard on high
Then the holy, silent night
Pause for reflection
— Karen Healy

Ring in a New Year
The start of a new decade
Where has the time gone.
— Marge Etzig

The mail comes with cards
Greetings from those far and near
Sending best wishes
— Marge Etzig

Glitter, tinsel, lights
Hypnotize the young child. “Mom,
How many more days?”
— Susan Engle

Snow as bright as jewels
Glistening in the sunlight
Very beautiful
— Jaja Wang

Ebeneezer Scrooge
A gravestone with your name
Celebrate the Light!
— Ray Finch

A song was once sung
“Peace on earth goodwill to men”
Let’s sing it again
— Myrliss Hershey

Santa visit me
A poor child in tatters pled
Who will hear the plea?
— Myrliss Hershey

A lonely heart’s club
Seeking Christmas cheer this year
Welcomes happy folk
— Myrliss Hershey

Crusted with Icing,
Gumdrops, Peppermint Patties
A Snappy Delight
— Meixi Wang

Hurry scurry time
Mom invaluable now
Preparing the chow
— Ginny Kubota

The star shown so bright
Many say it was the night
That Heaven touched earth.
— Charlotte Burke

My favorite season,
glittering lights and presents,
Christmas is the best
— Sarah Showalter

Run, slam down our sleds!
Younglings, winters long ago.
Try it now ... no, no!
— Donald Moss



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