Goofy Menorahs

Daily Dose

This one goes out to my He-bros and She-brews. I’m sorry, Jewish folk, that your traditions have been relegated to second class holiday this time of year.

While I realize Hanukah has already come and gone, please accept these silly menorahs as a token of cross-cultural goodwill.

And keep your yarmulkes held high, Jews…you’ll always be able to pick on Kwanzaa.

Lego Menorah

Pez Menorah

Star Trek Menorah


Mel Gibson Menorah

Knit Menorah

Hello Kitty Menorah

Shatner Menorah

Barbie Menorah

Surfboard Menorah

Llama Menorah

High Heel Menorah

Dog Hat Menorah

Star Wars Menorah

Bowling Menorah

Scooter Menorah

Chihuahua Menorah

Kitty Menorah


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