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Absolutely no evidence exists to support the theory that a MMR vaccine was the grassy knoll shooter, which means that it's totally true.

The anti-vaccination movement suffered two major setbacks this week, developments which debunk the beliefs of a vocal minority of parents who fear a link between the shot for Measels, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and autism. First, the lone 1998 study establishing a link between MMR shots and autism was officially discredited this week by the Times of London, who found that the study used altered data to fix its outcome. Second, a U.S. court yesterday ruled that the the evidence against the MMR/autism connection was "overwhelmingly contrary." As a result of the scare, cases of measles in the United Kingdom—where the now discredited study was conducted—shot up from 56 in 1998 to 1,348 last year. Two UK children died of the preventable disease in that period of time.*...Anti-vaccination crusaders are still not convinced, pointing to incontrovertible evidence that MMR shots conspired with the Bush Administration to blow up the World Trade Center.

*...based on actual news


DOTDOT 12 years, 7 months ago

Stupid parents. Paying attention to a study that only took a newspaper 10 years to debunk. Makes you wonder how they heard of it in the first place.

gavon 12 years, 7 months ago

Regardless of where you fall on this issue, can we all agree that Jenny McCarthy is a horrible person?

DOTDOT 12 years, 7 months ago

Yeah, well. Blonde, nice tits, AND a good idea! There is some good money to be made from autism. Studies. Studies about the studies. Books and newspapers to be sold. Ad revenues from click-throughs and TV episodes. Homeopathic remedies and shit. In these troubled times, no revenue opportunity should be missed.

I just wish I could grasp how funny it all appears from the sidelines.

staceydl 12 years, 1 month ago

Jenny is a horrible human being and an idiot. It's interesting to me that no one seems to recognize that mercury poisoning does not cause giftedness. It damages the brain, just as lead poisoning does, plain and simple. Mercury does not cause children to have uneven development where they have incredible capacity for memory, patterns and sometimes musical and other artistic abilities. While not all children with autism display high skills, a large portion of them display some level of this uneven development, where they have skills above and below their age level. This is clearly due to the way in which the brain is wired, which likely occurs way before birth. It also explains many of the sensory issues that go with autism.

Furthermore Jenny attempts to claim that the live virus in the vaccine itself may be the culprit. Really? If this was true then there would be an incredibly strong link between toddlers who acquired full blown measles and autism. In which case we would have seen a decrease in the disorder since the vaccine. There are many such childhood diseases that have been linked to the development of other disorders like MR and deafness, there has never been a link between measles and autism.

Finally if her treatment plan (which by the way that diet was around for decades before my now 19 year old son was diagnosed 16 years ago.) was so fabulous how come there has not currently been a mass exodus out of this disorder? I mean she has legions of followers now. It only took her mere months to "recover" her son. How come thousands of children are not walking away from it? Shouldn't she and this guy who came up with that diet have a Nobel Prize by now? Sheesh, seriously people!

Also note that Jenny's statistics are totally wrong. It used to be believed that autism occurred in 1 and 100,000 births. That was always incorrect. It used to be believed that if a child made eye contact or was affectionate that they could not be autistic and therefore they were diagnosed as retarded. My son's psychologist has been working with this population since the 1960's and she says based on her caseload, she always knew those stats to be incorrect. We also have now added Asperger's into the blanket of statistics. One study shows the rate of mental retardation diagnosis has dropped at the exact rate the autism diagnosis has increased. Has there been an increase anyway. Likely yes. But peanut allergies have gone off the charts with kids as well and no one is yelling "Vaccines!" We are an evolving species. Let's not even get into how many of the parents show strong signs of ASD along with their kids.

Jenny is unprepared to be a spokesperson for this disorder. What do you expect from a woman who makes a living farting into microphones?

gavon 12 years, 1 month ago

The people who think Obama was born in Kenya are called "birthers," the people who think health care reform will kill grandma are called "deathers"...what do we call the anti-vaccination crowd? "Sickers"? "Vaccination Nation"? "Shot Blockers"? I have a friend who suggested "McCarthy-ites."

staceydl 12 years, 1 month ago

I think someone should create an anti-Jenny website, which would shed light on all of her hateful, ignorant statements.

Jenny's son has epilepsy so severe it almost killed him. His diagnosis of autism came after a very severe seizure. I don't know for sure, but I am guessing that Evan may have a form of autism called Landau Kleffners. This is autism that is related to epilepsy. These kids have so much seizure activity in the brain that is often undetected, and it prevents them from processing language or interacting. I don't know, but I'm guessing that if Evan had a seizure so bad it almost killed him, he was probably having way smaller ones as well. Another feature of the disorder is the child often develops language, but then loses it because of the development of the seizures. I believe Jenny said Evan talked until he got the vaccine.
Most important about this disorder is that once put on anti convulsive meds, these kids often gain language very fast. Evan made big gains very fast. She thinks it was the stupid diet. The thing is if he had a seizure so bad it almost killed him, I'm betting they put him on anti convulsive meds right away. This is all total speculation on my part, but the epilepsy part of her kid's story, and how fast he made progress sure make me wonder. Jenny and Oprah are apparently clueless.

Aufbrezeln Eschaton 12 years, 1 month ago

staceydl, ask and you shall receive, usually before you asked, because the InterWebs are awesome:

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the JMcC. On the one hand she's so damned earnest, but on the other she's so damned stupid. When tragedy strikes your life, the first instinct is to find someone, or something, to blame. It's easier than admitting that the Universe is inscrutable and, to our sentimental eyes, cruel. I can understand where she's coming from while at the same time believing her theories (and those of the anti-vaccination folks) to be idiotic.

staceydl 12 years ago

You are absolutely right Mitzibel! People want to look for something to blame. The problem with Jenny as opposed to the rest of us going through the same process, is she is a public figure. She is just arrogant enough to think she is in a place where she is ready to be reflective about what has occurred in her life and she is inflexible about her interpretation of the facts. This is what makes her extraordinarily dangerous. I don't know if we should blame her or people like Oprah and Larry King who do not do their own homework before hailing her?

Before she jumped on on the diet deal she was describing Evan as being a "crystal" son and she was an "indigo" mom and that is why he was like he was. Seriously. Google it. She goes from one crazy notion to another.

What seems to get missed in her rhetoric is how plain hateful she is of individuals with autism/disabilities and how belittling she is to the generations of mothers who have fought for their children before her. No one wants a child to have a challenge, but her statements of "They don't have to be retarded." and "Not my son!" Clearly illustrate how she loathes the idea of living with a child with disability. She goes on to talk as if she was the only mother on the planet who went to the internet, who left no stone unturned and because of her efforts and her passion, which apparently the rest of us lack, she saved her son. She is the great white hope. I challenge her then to fix the rest of our kids Since we are obviously not as dedicated and passionate as she is, then let her come and "cure" our children. Like I said before, hmmm isn't interesting that now that she has clearly found the cure the rest of us missed that there has been no mass exodus out of autism? She is truly hateful, she is a bigot, and she insults the generations of women before her that fought passionately for their children. Whether that be getting them into inclusive schools, medical treatment, services and so on. She is way, way, outline. She needs to shut up and start listening, not only to others, but herself.

DOTDOT 12 years ago

I like "Shot Blockers." "Autiphobes" is apt, but not funny. "Vaccinazis" is funny, but sophomoric, and thus only works for people like me.

On another blog somebody mentioned people that say stuff like "I'm not against vaccinations, BUT..." I am one of these. By the power vested in me by, well, me, I hereby declare this group "Butt People," with the extra "t" added for literary interest, and common perception.

The Butt People believe that the core problem lies in the poor quality of Information Age rhetoric. People ascribe validity to ideologies that have been delivered to them by blitzkrieg with no accountability for accuracy. Misinformation is the only constant, which likely puts Butt People in the middle; it is entirely possible to be pro-vaccine and against mandatory Gardasil. There is a clear logical path to such a stance.

BUT, what sets Jenny McCarthy apart from her Vaccinazi brethren is the amount of money she has made pimping her son's story.

Staceydl has said the rest better than I could, BUT I want to focus on one of her underlying points. No one wishes a handicap on themselves or a loved one, especially their child. But when it happens, there is more than fear or horror involved. While your life will be different, there is the same capacity for love, happiness, and completeness that people with non-challenged family enjoy. Hearing that your life is the object of fear-mongering propaganda is worse than any retard joke. The Jenny McCarthys of the world likely don't even realize what they are saying. I hope.

BUT, while there may or not be a diet to cure autism, there IS no known medical or homeopathic way to prevent your child from becoming a gangbanger, a school shooter, a rapist, pregnant, or a B52 fan. All of which, I can testify, are worse than autism.

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