Terminator may or may not "be back"

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Blake "The Terminator" Griffin.


KU men’s basketball will square off against the Oklahoma Sooners tonight in a game that will likely determine the 2009 Big XII Champion. As a result of Oklahoma’s 73-68 loss at Texas on Saturday, both teams come into the Big Monday showdown with one loss in conference play. Oklahoma player-of-the-year candidate Blake Griffin will not play after suffering a concussion in the Texas game. Texas Tech coach Pat Knight described Griffin as a “Terminator” after he dropped 40 points and 23 rebounds on his team in a Feb. 14 rout. “That kid has no facial expressions,” Knight said. “He just plays and it’s like every kid out there on him is like Sarah Connor, and he’s just going to take his time and kill ‘em.” *… After hearing of Pat Knight’s comparison, Arnold Schwarzenegger responded, “I highly doubt Blake Griffin is capable of going back in time to assassinate a woman, therefore preventing the human race from resisting a post-apocalyptic machine takeover.” He then added: “I’m a friend of Sarah Connor. I was told she was here. Could I see her please?”

*… based on actual news


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