Redistribution of Health

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President Obama unveils his $4 trillion budget as Vice President Biden tries to remember if he applied the Rogaine today.

President Obama unveiled his nearly $4 trillion federal budget proposal today, what Obama referred to as a "hard choices" budget. The spending plan for 2010 would create a $1.75 trillion deficit in order to pay for the government's massive economic stabilization programs. On top of funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the usual federal expenditures, Obama is proposing $634 billion to expand health care to the uninsured. The expansion in coverage will be paid for primarily by raising taxes on the wealthy.*... The new health care plan will replace the policy used by most uninsured Americans, which is to take a daily fizzing bath in Emergen-C. Stop-gap measures such as the Ignore-The-Bone-Jutting-Out-Of-Your-Calf-By-Hanging-A-Hat-On-It Policy will also be phased out.

*...based on actual news


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