Blowing Smoke Up Our Ass

Actual News Nugs*


The Kansas Legislative Ronin, demanding vengeance for the death of their coal plant, shortly before committing seppuku at the polls.

The Kansas House today gave final approval to a bill which would allow the construction of two coal-burning power plants in Western Kansas, although the vote fell short of a veto-proof majority. Governor Sebelius has repeatedly promised to veto any bill approving the coal-burning plants, going so far as to say any legislation to that effect would be "D.O.A."*...House Speaker Mike O'Neal, in full kabuki makeup, delivered the bill to Sebelius with an exaggerated dance routine to help emphasize the drama of the theater. Sebelius bellowed a traditional kakegoe shout and brought her katana sword down upon the cursed parchment.

*...based on actual news


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