Scene It: Box Office Smash (360)

Out of all the games in my Xbox 360 collection, the original Scene It has proved to be the best in terms of replay value. It's not like I sat at home for the last couple of years playing it by myself, but it's always fun to pull out the buzzers and play movie trivia when I have non-gamer friends over. It takes no gaming ability at all, in fact, you don't even use a standard Xbox 360 controller (which has to be less confusing for all those parents and non-gamers that are intimidated by a modern controller). Scene It: Box Office Smash is another great title with tons of replay value, and its another bargain at $59.99 for the game and four buzzers.


The concept is as simple as it can be - earn points by answering questions about movies. This could have been a dull experience if it weren't for the excellent production and presentation of Scene It. It features tons of different quiz types, questions, and movie clips, and keeps the gameplay fresh by whisking you off to the next challenge before any one gets too repetitive. While it may feature many repeat quiz types from the last game, all of the questions are new and many cover very recent releases.

My favorite new addition to Box Office Smash is the online play. While it's great fun playing against your friends, it can be even better playing on a team with them as you battle up to three online opponents. Another added bonus is that BOS is one of the first Xbox 360 games to support the Avatars introduced in the NXE update.

You really can't go wrong with Scene It: Box Office Smash. It's a great value, and you'll want to keep it in your 360 collection for a long time thanks to its social nature. It may not be the biggest genre, but this series does trivia right.

Graphics: 7.5

Sound: 7.5

First Play: 9.0

Replay Value: 10.0

Gameplay: 8.5

Overall: 8.8


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