Style Scout: Jonathan Jay Holley


Jonathan Jay Holley

Jonathan Jay Holley

Age: 31.

Sign: Libra.

Hometown: Topeka.

Time In Lawrence: 12 years.

Occupation: Architect.

What were you doing when scouted: Tearing down an art show at Wonder Fair.

How would you describe your style: Neat, modern classic.

Strategy for finding sweet deals at the sidewalk sale? I generally try to avoid the sidewalk sale. I don’t usually find many of the “sweet deals” particularly compelling. The availability of acceptable men’s clothing downtown is pretty scarce to begin with, and finding a pair of pants with a 36-inch inseam at the sidewalk sale is very, very unlikely.



Favorite fashion trends: Properly sized clothing. I know they’re on the wane, but I still dig larger sunglasses.

Least favorite fashion trends: I’m saddened by the rise of the man-boy; once you hit 20, I think it’s time to give up the shorts and athletic shoes unless you’re actively playing a sport or mowing a lawn. I’m not a fan of ladies wearing those triple-ruffled skirts — they’re not flattering — or pre-teen girls wearing hotpants with suggestive words printed across the seat.

Why did you decide to start your own literary magazine? I find it’s easier to be creative when there’s a project with a deadline, even if it’s self-imposed. Take writing: If I tell myself, I’d like to write an arbitrary number words, I might or might not write them; if I say, I’m going to write this many words by this date, I’m much more likely to rise to the challenge. The magazine’s fun because I get to read submissions from people all over the world, and in reading, selecting and editing the work of others, it improves my own writing.

What is your drink of choice? Summer: gin and tonic, Winter: Johnnie Walker red with a splash of soda.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? Bicycles, and city dollars committed to improving the infrastructure in East Lawrence.

Less of? Urban sprawl and development West of Iowa Street

Who are your fashion influences? Steve McQueen, Jarvis Cocker and Alan Flusser.

Tell us a secret: No one likes to hear about children or pets unless they also have children or pets. If they feel compelled to speak, child-raising, pet-centric people should speak of their bowel movements to childless, petless individuals — it is far more interesting to the childless and petless than talk of babies and the funny thing your dog did that was perhaps the funniest thing ever done by a dog in the history of all dogs.


Shoes: Steve Madden, purchased from Famous Footwear six months ago.

Pants: Dickies No. 874 Work Pant, purchased from Mickey’s Surplus a year ago.

Belt: Kenneth Cole, purchased three years ago.

Shirt: Banana Republic, purchased one year ago.

Bag: Kenneth Cole, purchased eight years ago.


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