"Toy Story" Recut as "The Dark Knight" Trailer

Daily Dose


In another eerie parallel, Woody recently died of an accidental prescription drug overdose.

From a whole mess of animated film overdubs over at Urlesque, here’s the coolest of the lot. A “Toy Story” mashup with “The Dark Knight” trailer.

It’s similar in nature to those Star Wars-meets-‘80s television intros from a while back. What elevates this to Nobel Prize winning nerdery is the painstaking quality—and the fact, which is an unassailable fact, that Batman is the single greatest iteration of human anythingness. Don’t argue with me. I will physically fight you. He saw his parents die in front of his face. You’ve never done anything that cool. Shut up. He’s Batman.

Included is the original trailer from “The Dark Knight,” both for side-by-side comparison and because I think it’s the apex of the trailer-making art form. It makes you want to see “The Dark Knight” as much as the $5 Footlong commercials make you want to burn down a Subway. It’s that powerful.


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