Style Scout: Katie Reese


Katie Reese

Name: Katie Reese

Age: 28

Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Topeka

Time in Lawrence: About nine years.

Occupation: Screen printer at Blue Collar Press and entrepreneur/owner of Kitty Reese

What were you doing when scouted: Selling clothes at Wildman Vintage.

How would you describe your style: Country lolita with a little bit of Neil Young.

Where do you get your hair cut: Andiy at Static cuts it.



Favorite fashion trends: I’m definitely into high waistedness, and I love suntanned dance tights, stocking, socks and hosiery in general. I like puffy sleeved polo shirts, unicorns and owls. On guys, I’m into beards, and I like overalls with no shirt underneath on the right person.

Least favorite fashion trends: Sweatpants and pajamas worn outside of the home. I really want to see younger women try to be more feminine. Overall though, I’m not a hater.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: I’d like to see more cyclists following traffic laws, for everyone’s safety. I’d also like to see more scooters, because I just got one, and more dogs in sidecars. Also, more people supporting the downtown businesses.

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence: Lawrence is pretty great how it is.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?: I was tired of the gallery scene and I wanted to make art that was accessible for everyone. I wanted to make art that was functional, so I started making T-shirts, and it just expanded after that.

Who are your fashion influences: I’m really influenced by 1970s kitsch, anime, Sailor Moon, Blythe dolls and big 1970s country hair. Right now, I really think that Bat for Lashes has great style.

People say I look like: I used to get Claire Danes when I was a teenager, and Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic when I had red hair. Someone once told me my style was like Megan’s from the “My Little Pony” cartoons, which was awesome.

Tell us a secret: My grandpa used to raise persian cats. I loved them passionately and I would go to their room and sing to them all the time.


shoes: Purchased from Alloy, one month ago for $25.

skirt: Purchased from Rockstar & Rogers, one year ago for $6.


belt: Goodwill in Topeka, purchased two months ago for $3.

bodysuit: Kitty Reese design, purchased at Wildman Vintage, one year ago for $22.

necklace: The seashell is from the Antique Mall, and I got it four years ago for $4. The unicorn was a present from my friend Jeannie, and I’ve had it for two weeks.

tank top: Purchased at Kohl’s, two years ago for $6.

tattoo: It was done at Crazy Cats in North KC, three years ago.


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