Style Scout: Abby Woody


Abby Woody

Abby Woody

Age: 22

Sign: JULY Leo (I swear it makes a difference)

Hometown: Hutchinson

Time in Lawrence: Almost 5 years

Occupation: Toyologist at the Toy Store

What were you doing when scouted? Smelling spicy basil at the Farmer’s Market.

Favorite Stores? The Antique Mall, White Chocolate, Creation Station, Dollar Tree.

How would you describe your style? Things my family members and I wore in high school, picked out by a 7-year-old.



Where do you get your hair cut? The last time, a bunch of my friends and I were drinking sangria and getting trims in the basement of the ECM on campus.

Favorite trends? Collectivism, not shaving, dog ownership, feathers.

Least favorite trends? Abuse of prescription drugs, PINK by Victoria’s Secret.

My favorite Lawrence summer activity is: Enjoying a great meal and good booze on the patio of a restaurant.

The best thing about working in a toy store is: One time we got reprimanded for not shooting off enough rockets.

Favorite coffee shop? Henry’s.

Favorite bar? Henry’s Upstairs, Bottleneck, Replay, Jackpot.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? People looking out for each other.

What would you like to see less of? Stupidly expensive strollers that take up the entire sidewalk.

Who are your fashion influences? My grandpas, the little girls that come into work, things I find in my mom’s closet.

Tell us a secret: I’ve never seen Fight Club. Or the Breakfast Club. Or most movies whose plots don’t center on dancing.


Tank top: Free, from sister’s closet, 4 years ago.

Skirt: On sale at Dillard’s for $25, 2 years ago.

Sandals: Free, from my mom 1 week ago because mine broke.

Bag: Free (it was the overnight bag in a luggage set that was a gift from parents), 5 months ago.

Jewelry: Free, borrowed from work.


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