Barack the Entertainer

Daily Dose

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's Barack Obama at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association dinner on Friday. Say what you will about the propriety of these kinds of events, where the president of the United States is reduced to the Lisa Lampanelli position at the Comedy Central Washington D.C. Roast, but Obama's funny. I know he doesn't write any of this stuff, but his timing is spot on. I especially like it when he laughs at his own jokes. It's obnoxious when Jimmy Fallon does it every nano-second, but Obama makes is self-effacing and self-aware. I enjoy having a president who's in on the joke. His material is actually pretty daring. He cracks wise about the uighurs and makes a Brian Williams poop joke.

And here's John Hodgman calling the president a nerd. I like Hodgman, but he's a bit too NPR/McSweeney's for my taste. It's that kind of humor that elicits knowing chuckles rather than genuine, unbridled guffaws. This presentation is no different. Very clever, just not very funny. Worth a watch, though.