Style Scout: Hannah and Annabelle Hurst


Hannah Hurst

Hannah Hurst

Age: 33

Sign: Leo

Hometown: Lecompton

Time in Lawrence: 15 years

Occupation: Mother to Hank (6), Annabelle (4), and Teddy (15 months). Sewer of children’s clothes. Retired Roller Warrior.

What were you doing when scouted: I was buying pretzels at Wheatfields with my kids.

How would you describe your style: Ladylike bohemian with a touch of country.

Favorite fashion trends: Handmade clothing, vintage boots, denim jackets, head scarves, low-key makeup, Bensimon sneakers, glitter and shiny stuff, tried-and-true basics, and the return of the waist.

Least favorite trends: Harem pants, jumpsuits and rompers, and neon colors circa 1983.




Favorite activities with the kids: Stopping at Ted’s for sno cones after baseball games, pancake breakfasts, pony rides and evenings spent with good friends.

What would you like to see more in Lawrence: I wish we had a skating rink and more bike lanes, of course.

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence: Nothing, Lawrence is pretty great the way it is.

Who are your fashion influences: My mother, who would never be caught outside of the gym in athletic apparel. I like reading the Sartorialist fashion blog, the “On The Street” column in The New York Times, and my many glamorous friends, many of whom are also mothers.

Tell us a secret: I’ve always wanted to take a year off to travel with the kids.

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, purchased yesterday for $28.

Jeans: Levis, purchased at Urban Outfitters 6 months ago for $54.

Shirt: A gift from my mother, about 2 weeks ago.

Bag: Purchased from about 1 month ago for $25.

Stroller: Costco, purchased at Target for about $10, a few years ago.

Bracelet: Vintage bakelite, a gift from my brother, 10 years ago.

Earrings: A gift from my husband, 1 year ago.

Ring: I got it from my Great Aunt Jo, about 3 years ago.

Necklaces: They were gifts from my Mother, and were bought at the Indian Art Market at Haskell.


Annabelle Hurst

Annabelle Hurst

Age: 4

Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Lawrence

Time in Lawrence: 4 years

Occupation: Pre-schooler and dancer

What were you doing when scouted: I was eating a cookie with my mom.

How would you describe your style: I like dressing in themes. Sometimes I dress like a Princess, or a pirate, or with a cowboys and indians theme.



Favorite fashion trends: Pink, purple, fake tattoos, barrettes, and braids.

Favorite hobbies: Playing with friends, going to dance classes at the Lawrence Arts Center, swimming lessons, and playing Barbies.

Favorite animal: My pony Lucy aka Thunder.

What do you want to be when you grow up: I want to be a mom. A mom with no kids, like my Grandma.

Shoes: Sunsan sandles, purchased online for $30, 3 weeks ago.

Jeans: My mom made them about a year ago.

Shirt: My mom made my shirt, and her friend Katie made the fabric, a few months ago.

Bracelet: A gift from my Uncle Gabe, about 4 months ago.

Headband: Forever 21, purchased a few months ago for $3.

Tattoo: I got it out of a book at my house.


Hannah and Annabelle Hurst


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