Save & Splurge: Linda Niedbalski

Monday, March 2, 2009


Kelly Unruh

Linda Niedbalski, hair technician, hobbies unmentionable

How do you save money?

"Shop at Checkers. Oh my God, their produce is awesome and it's cheap. All the best stuff is cheaper at Checkers! They have many meters of meat—it's all metric. I bought 40 cubits by 40 cubits of meat. For budgeting I tuck money under my mattress. No coffee can for me, I just shove cash under there. You have to tighten the belt. Baby, I just suck it up and cinch it in."

How do you splurge?

"The cosmetics counter at Weaver's. Estée Lauder is the crack cocaine of the cosmetics world and Clinique is the meth. Another way I treat myself is at Sonic. Everything is deep fried and I can wash it down with a Sonic Blast. Chili Cheese Dogs, too. I'm all about the chili. And no cheese on my tots—just straight-up tots."