Puss 'n Bongs

Actual News Nugs*


Acea Schomaker, leading light of his generation.

A man in Nebraska admitted yesterday to repeatedly stuffing his girlfriend's cat into a makeshift bong and smoking marijuana through it. Acea Schomaker of Lincoln, who claimed the practice is a common method of calming animals, was ticketed with misdemeanor animal cruelty.*...Schomaker said he had learned his lesson and, from now on, will only freebase his kittens.

Lincoln police refrained from leveling more serious charges at Schomaker because, they had to admit, this video is pretty funny when you're high as shit on cat:

*...based on actual news


smerdyakov 13 years, 2 months ago

Old people are hilarious. Not as hilarious as that music though.

gavon 13 years, 2 months ago

Her dancing by itself isn't funny. The music by itself isn't funny. But when you combine those two elements, it's comedy alchemy. I'm certainly not ragging on our elders. Dance out what's left of your hip, Meemaw!

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