Save & Splurge: Danielle Comstock


Danielle Comstock

Danielle Comstock, busker, gardener, Brahmaphile

How do you save money?

"My survival tactics for the terrible economy that we're going through involves chia seeds, which were used in ancient Indian cultures. You can survive on a tablespoon of chia seeds per day. They give you tons of energy. Ancient Indians would use chia seeds to outrun their prey—they would run down a deer until it was exhausted. They were pretty much prehistoric steroids. You can get them for $16 at Hy-Vee. Don't get them at The Merc, they totally overcharge. I eat cheaply. Mostly goji berries and chia seeds. I get by pretty well from busking on Mass."

How do you splurge?

"Oh, goodness—I'd go out and find a place to make a garden, get as much in the ground as possible, and strart growing. Just in case the future gets worse, I'll at least have food. I want something that will keep growing and that I can share. I could grow tons of squashies and send them to my friends. A nice little squash I could paint a face on and pair with a happy little song on a CD."  


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