Much a flu about nothing

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Monday, May 4, 2009


AP Photo

Doctors and medics, wearing protective gear, have a discussion inside the emergency area where people with swine flu-like symptoms are checked Friday at the naval hospital in Mexico City.

Following hundreds of school closings around the country and calls for closing the border with Mexico, panic surrounding the H1N1 influenza virus (a.k.a., "swine flu") subsided this week. So far, the reported cases in the United States have been no more severe than regular seasonal flu and health officials in Mexico, where the new strain reportedly began, believe the outbreak is in a "declining phase." However, some officials caution that there could be a stronger swine flue outbreak next fall.

*...A cable news consortium, desperately hoping to continue the high ratings of a manufactured crisis, threw a shark infected with SARS into a daycare center.

*...based on actual news