Museum of Modem Art

Thanks to the gushings of local art maven Molly Murphy, I decided to check out the Spencer Museum of Art online collection. I'm no connoisseur (in fact, my idea of "high art" is watching "Project Runway" whilst stoned), but it's a pretty impressive collection that's easily searchable. After just a few minutes of perusing, I found these nifty pieces.

Faith Ringgold, Flag Story Quilt (Who knew quilting could be badass?)

Christian Boltanski, Monument Odessa (It's a Medusa of cool.)

Renée Stout, Sanctuary for the Deacon's Sons (This one's interactive with an MP3. Booze bottles and dentures? Now that's what I call art!)

If they had a randomize feature, we could play a local version of Band Name Generator. I shall take this demand to the upper echelon's of KU! Harumph!


trailer 9 years ago

the museum is also free and open to the public six days a week on mississippi street.

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