Save & Splurge: Bri McClure


Bri McClure

Bri McClure, merchandizer, enjoys her dog and cutting hair

How do you save money?

"I automatically have a percentage come out of my paycheck and go into a savings account. You set it up with your bank. It's easy. And change—I always have a piggy bank. I haven't emptied it recently because, thanks to debit card usage, I don't use cash that much. Although I have about $10 in change in my purse right now I should put in my piggy bank. It's weighing me down. One way I make my dollar stretch it to buy clothes instead of food. I only eat cheap cereal for the most part. I like Cheerios. How do I budget? I actually write out a budget. I was a business and finance major, so that helps. I have a box full of receipts so I know how much I'm spending at all times. One of my favorite bargains was this place in New York called the Alligator Lounge where you get tokens to put towards free pizza for every drink you bought."

How do you splurge?

"Shoes. I buy a lot of shoes. The last pair I bought were Sam Edelman boots for $170. My bag was my last real splurge. It was $300. I got a really big bottle of Strawberry Stoli not that long ago. That's kind of a luxury."


campblood 12 years, 6 months ago

$300 for a bag, wtf do you know about saving?

alm77 12 years, 6 months ago

camp, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that anyone in this day and age who has any percent of their income regularly set aside AND does a budget every month, is a saver. Part of the reward of saving is that at times you get to splurge. Yeah, I wouldn't have purchased a $300 bag either (my splurges are usually travel related), but hey, whatever floats her boat.

I think this is one of the BEST "Save and Splurge" interviews I've ever read.

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