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Both the NBA finals and the Scripps National Spelling Bee were on yesterday...guess which competition was more exciting? Sorry, LeBron, but you got PWNED by a 13-year-old girl from Olathe by the name of Kavya Shivashankar. To celebrate the erudite ass-whoopin' delivered by Kansas' own Kavya, here now are some of the greatest moments in Scripps Spelling Bee history (hat tip to the Huffington Post.)

First up, Kavya FTW!

This is Rebecca Sealfon from 1997. Sealfon famously won the bee by spelling "euonym." Well, she didn't exactly "spell it" so much as "destroy it with unbridled euphoria and explode into a thousand screaming ponies."

Katie Seymour from 2005. Well, it was worth a try...

Akshay Buddiga in 2004. This guy has more determination and poise than Lance Armstrong and Jesus combined. Watch him recover from a potentially career-ending injury, one that would shatter a lesser mortal, then get all up in that word's face and go like "Nuh-uh." And then the word goes all "Wha?" And he's like, "Yeah. That's right." Then the word starts crying and begging for its life. It's epic.

Dominic Ranz Ebarle Errazo in 2005. Pop culture references and spelling bee hosts go together like chocolate and broken glass. Wait until the end when the announcer accuses him of sending a "secret message."

Sameer Mishra in 2008. The word is "numnuh." Sameer, and everyone else in the audience, here's a different word.


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