Hats of Meat

Daily Dose

I ate a mostly vegetarian meal last night at the weekly pot luck I attend. Yes, I am a white person who enjoys dinner parties. I also enjoy hating people who wear Ed Hardy. BUT! I do not enjoy "Where the Wild Things Are" or Bob Marley, so I'm not completely doctrinaire to the Caucasian orthodoxy. You can't pigeon hole me, Stuff White People Like!

Now that I've got that very self-referential and very white argument out of the way, where was I? Oh, yeah...vegetarian dinner. Today I suffer from carnivore's guilt. To make up for ignoring my favorite protein, I present to you Hats of Meat. This goes great with Meatscapes and grilled onions.

I wonder, though, is it possible to experience umami through your scalp? Is dandruff considered a dry rub? Do they make accessories like pepperoni monocles? God I'm hungry for a big ol' slobbery hamburger... (Hat tip to TroutPoutt!)


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