Fun with Twilight

Daily Dose

Thank you, Twilight, for bringing gender equity to nerdisty. Because of you, it’s now socially acceptable for women to be lecherous, mouth-breathing dorks.

In honor of the release of “New Moon,” here’s a compendium of geek porn with Mormon overtones.

We’ll start with Regretsy: New Moon Edition… (via Buzzfeed)

Cougar Necklace

Baby Onesie

Dog Onesie

Edward Panties

Greeting Card


Sex Toy

Car Decal

Bella Stocking


Wordplay Necklace

Bratz Doll

Edward Sock Puppet

More Edward Panties

If you’re not yet hyperventilating, here are some squeal inducing primers.

Cougar Fan Video

Trailer Reaction

Enjoy the movie, she-nerds!


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