Jell-O Mold Turkeys

Daily Dose

From the website of artist Danielle Spencer comes this fascinating and slightly stomach turning collection of Jell-O Mold Turkeys. What began innocuously enough with Spencer molding a turkey out of actual Jell-O snowballed ("Butterballed"? No.) into a user submission contest.

Contestants were no longer shackled to gelatinized horse marrow and could use any foodstuffs they wished, so long as it was in the shape of a turkey.

It's right up there with Pimp That Snack as an example of delicious atrocities. Speaking of, enjoy our national holiday built upon the atrocities we committed against Native Americans! Mmmmm...genocide and candied yams!

Turkey Burger

Flash Drive Turkey

Vegan Brownie Turkey

Matzoh Turkey

Hard Boiled Turkey

Twinkie Pumpkin Pie Turkey


Bubble Gum Turkey

Kimchee Turkey

Cornbread Turkey

Caramel Corn Turkey

S'mores Turkey

Thai Turkey

Sushi Turkey

Sweet Potato Turkey

Fresh Mozzarella Turkey

Peanut Butter Fudge Turkey

Buffalo Meat Turkey

Gilt Turkey

Fish Turkey

Guacamole Turkey

Spam Turkey


TroutPoutt 10 years, 6 months ago

Admirable AND disgusting. I want sushi turkey to eat and buffalo turkey mainly for the Lego. What is it with the internet and food?

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