What to do in Larry, Friday edition

Lawrence Public Library Book Sale

The legendary book sale begins today! This is an annual tradition for thousands of book lovers in Lawrence. There are well over 100,000 items to choose from (with no carry-over from the previous sale) featuring an unbelievable collection of scholarly and popular books, as well as music CDs and LPs (including early and rare LPs and 78s). Particularly notable is the vast array each year of children's books, and rare and valuable books.

Classic Sci-Fi Film Series: "Forbidden Planet"

The Lawrence Public Library's Classic Sci-Fi Film Series shows vintage flicks on a big screen with popcorn for all (feel free to bring a non-boozy bev). "Forbidden Planet" (1956) tells the story of how silence from a scientific colony on a distant planet prompts a visit from Earth. Only Dr. Morbius and his beautiful daughter Altaira are still alive, and they seem to be keeping a secret.

18th Annual Harvest of Arts Film Festival @ Granada


Mark von Schlemmer has been at the helm of the Harvest of Arts fest since the festival's inception nearly two decades ago,

The 18th Annual Harvest of Arts Film Festival is a two hour, non-competitive feast of films by area filmmakers that is free and open to the public. The festival will include a diverse collection of films of all makes and sizes: experimental, music videos, narratives, documentaries, etc. All presented free for your enjoyment in the spirit of the sharing of artistic endeavors. More info at harvestofarts.org

Closing reception and screen printing party for "The Art of Pre Sense Form" @ Wonder Fair


"Diario de Barcelona" by Jeffrey Isom

This is Part Two of the "Wonder Fair Exclusive Screen Print Release and Print Party Series," featuring the release of five new limited-edition, screen-printed works on paper by artist/designer Jeffrey Isom. F-14 Press will have its table-top screen printing press set up in the gallery to print Isom's images. Bring in your own shirt, sweatshirt, etc. American Apparel T-shirts will also be available for purchase. Check out our podcast interview with Isom.

Truckstop Honeymoon @ Bottleneck


Truckstop Honeymoon

One of these days, Truckstop Honeymoon may well become known as a badass bluegrass band from LAWRENCE. But for now, they're still often known as transplants from N'Orleans, as so much of their latest music is infused with their experience being dislocated by Hurricane Katrina. The husband/wife duo's fifth LP "Great Big Family" boldly reflects on the loss of their former life in the Big Easy and the start of a new one in Kansas.

Indian Jewelry @ Replay

Noise-rock experimentalists Indian Jewelry crash the Replay Lounge with support from local misfits Bandit Teeth and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk.

Ras Neville and the Kingstonians @ Jazzhaus


Ras Neville

One would be hard-pressed to find a Lawrencian with a more thorough knowledge of Jamaica than Neville Brown. The singer spent his teenager years wandering around Kingston and tourist towns like Ocho Rios, performing on beaches and public streets to stay alive. Brown's recordings with the Jamaican dub producer Scientist earned him a place in reggae history, though local audiences are probably more familiar with his performances with Ras Neville and the Kingstonians (formerly known as Common Ground). Listen to our podcast interview with Ras.

The Dactyls @ Jackpot

Channeling the glory days of '90s indie rock (Sonic Youth, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr.), Lawrence's The Dactyls employ alternate tunings and interweaving lead guitars to create densely textured, off-kilter tunes. The group recently tracked an album in Austin with engineer/producer Jim Vollentine (known for his work with ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead). Also on tonight's bill are local newcomers Jabberjosh and Muscle Worship and Oklahoma's Student Film.

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And new in movies...

The Invention of Lying
The conceit — that an alternate universe exists where everyone tells the truth all the time — sets up an uproarious beginning, but then the movie plummets precipitously. The high-concept gag wears thin, but the bigger problem is that star/debuting director Ricky Gervais zig-zags awkwardly between dark humor and heavy melodrama. ***
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Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson slice, shoot, and punch their way through a zombie apocalypse in this new horror comedy. Like "Shaun of the Dead" before it, "Zombieland" mostly finds that tricky balance of the laugh-out-loud funny and the make-you-jump scary, of deadpan laughs and intense energy. It's a total blast even if the story of zombie apocalypse survivors is a bit thin.***
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Whip It
This female roller derby league flick is funny without trying too hard to be wacky, and sweet without being overly sentimental. For her first feature as a director, Drew Barrymore finds just the right playful, '70s-kitsch tone. As does star Ellen Page, who moves beyond the "Juno"-style smart-alecks for which she's become known. ***
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